In Japan, we celebrate Christmas not as a religiously, it’s also not a day of national holiday. However, Christmas in Japan is absolutely a fun, festive time of year. If you walked around Japan on Christmas Day, you wouldn’t notice too much that’s different or out of the ordinary. All the shops would be appropriately decorated and seasonal foods would be seen on advertisements, Christmas music would be playing.

Many of the things traditionally associated with Christmas – festive trees in the shopping malls, seasonal foods, Christmas music, and LED lights – make an appearance. And there are as well as a few unique traditions in Japanese Christmas...

Christmas Eve, for example, has become more important than Christmas Day in Japan... 

How do we celebrate Christmas? - Go On A Date!

On December 24, Christmas Eve, become more important than Christmas Day in Japan.

If you’re still a child you can still expect a gift from Santa Claus and spend a festive dinner with your family at home. But, once you’re grown up, Christmas Eve in Japan is more about him and his wife, like Valentine’s Day in the West. Japanese couples – especially young couples – like to book dinners at romantic restaurants, (and it can often be hard to find a seat.!)





Lights, everywhere - admire the Christmas illuminations

Christmas lights, or “Illumination” as it’s called here, is a huge attraction during the winter season. Major malls such as Tokyo Midtown, famous landmarks like Tokyo Station are lavished with their own unique winter illumination displays. The streets of posh areas like Omotesando, Ginza and Roppongi Sakurazaka are absolutely stunning. And it’s a great opportunity to take a walk and soak up the atmosphere. (If you want to read about that you can just read our articles “illumination”.)



Dine on Chicken - Christmas dinner

While roast turkey is the most popular Christmas meal in the UK, US and Canada, or Fish in eastern Europe, Japanese families usually celebrate with chicken.

In the early 70's Kentucky Fried Chicken ran a promoting called “Kentucky for Christmas!” (You will see Colonel Sanders in the Santa outfit at the shop front in this season.) The campaign was so successful and ever since, KFC’s Chicken of festive buckets is popular for families. 


Eat Strawberry on a cake - Christmas cake

A Japanese strawberry shortcake is light and spongy with whipped cream filling and frosting,

which is much less sweet than other cake toppers. This treat is sold as ‘Christmas Cake’ in Japan (although it’s also very popular for birthdays) and is a great way to celebrate the season with family and friends.







Exchange Gifts - Christmas present

It has become commonplace for couples to exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, but rarely anyone else. Since Christmas is not a Japanese tradition, it’s also not traditional to exchange gifts for the occasion. This may be because Japan already has a December gift exchange of its own, the Japanese work-culture tradition of oseibo, when coworkers exchange gifts.

Presents are more commonly exchanged for the New Year, which is a much bigger deal in Japan. (If you want to read about that you can just read our articles “oseibo”.)

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Wir wünschen Ihnen eine schöne Sommerzeit!



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School Entrance Ceremony -入学式-

In early April, when the school year starts, all the students in a school gather for a formal ceremony welcoming the new students.


In a typical ceremony held in the school gym and the principal of the school makes some opening remarks, encouraging the new crop of students to have an enjoyable and rewarding experience in school.
Afterwards, the new students are led to their classrooms by their teacher, who explains what they can expect in the year to come. Text-books are handed out, and commemorative photos are taken on a class-by-class basis.


Many of the parents of the new students attend this ceremony, often dressed formally.
The ceremony marks a new period of the students’ lives, as they are now in a new school and at a new stage of life.

Most schools hold graduation ceremonies at the end of March, which is around the same time the cherry trees on Honshu Island begin to bud. These buds swell little by little, and, at the beginning of April the cherry trees planted around school grounds are in full bloom by the time entrance ceremonies are held and the new school term begins. Therefore, for many Japanese people, cherry blossoms are often symbolic of being promoted, going up a grade, entering a school, or entering the world as an adult member of society.

"RUI-chan" at the school entrance ceremony. (See the blog post on March 15, 2017, she graduated from kindergarten last year.) With a great big smile, she carries her new school bag (called "randoseru") on her back!

Grade-schoolers across Japan carry leather backpacks called “randoseru” (ランドセル). Traditionally, kids have carried one of two colors: black for boys, and red for girls. In recent years, however, that’s changed, there are several other colors variation.

The second button -第二ボタン-

- pick up story from Graduation ceremony -

On Graduation Day is the great opportunity to confess your feeling for someone precious to you or the one you have had a crush on. 


At the schools, there is a long tradition of boys giving away the 2nd button of their school jacket as a keepsake to their loved one.    

By the way, "why the 2nd Button?" ---- Because it's the closest to the heart. The 2nd button will contain memories and feelings he had during these past few years in school. If you receive a 2nd button from a boy, it means that he wants you to remember him and understand his feelings for you"


Is there any custom like this in your country during graduation ceremonies?


March-3月; Graduation season -卒業シーズン-

On March, it is the school year ends in Japan and a time of farewell and graduation season. (There are two ways of thinking about the year: one is the "calendar year which runs from January to December, and the other is the "fiscal year" which runs from April to March. In Japan, school year begins in April, and ends in March the next year.)

In Japan, many events in government offices, companies and schools are timetabled according to the "fiscal year". Many schools have their graduation ceremonies around March.


The word "graduation" in Japanese, is not only used in reference to education, but also to express the fact that many other kinds of things are "finished". On the other hand, it is said the word "graduation" includes the nuance of the word "commencement". It seems that many Japanese feel that milestones in life are reached during events, such as graduation, that take place at the end of the fiscal year. 

Ceremony program

The program of the ceremony varies among schools but many ceremonies start with an opening address and singing of the national anthem and the school song. The school principal and some guests give congratulatory speeches, and graduates are presented their diploma. Common program also includes graduation oath, speeches from current students, chorus of graduation songs. 

The second button

Do you know a Japanese custom that on Graduation Day, the boy will give the 2nd button of his school uniform to the girl he likes??? We will introduce you this story on next blog topics! 

From Kindergarten to university

You might even say that for Japanese People, for all educational facilities from kindergartens, elementary schools junior high schools, high school and universities, the graduation ceremonies are an Important event. 

School uniform or traditional clothing

The majority of school students wear their school uniform. At university, most women dress in Japanese traditional clothing "Hakama".

My friend's kid "RUI-chan" graduated from kindergarten last year. She and also the nursery school teacher wore "HAKAMA". 

Memorial day

Graduation ceremonies are not only memorable for the graduating student, but also for the parent. Both parents attend the ceremony with formal dress, suit or Kimono.

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Furoshiki - Minimalism and Functionalism
The square cloths Furoshiki have been used for hundreds of years in Japan to "pack things" and carry them.

Whether it is a simple food bag or a refined knotted handbag - Furoshiki are an entertaining challenge to your own creativity.


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These traditional Japanese dolls called "kokeshi" are unique pieces. Each kokeshi differs in its color and pattern and is hand painted.

The way and the method of the traditional Kokeshi production has been honestly succeeded for more than 100 years from the father to the son, from the son to the grandson and from the master to the disciple, and Kokeshi doll has been loved by many people as one of the typical Japanese folk arts. 

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A Happy new year!

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Happy new year 2017!!

Hope you all had a good Christmas and  new year holidays!


We returned to work from a truly relaxing and refreshing break in Japan!!


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