about KINRAN

kinran gold brocsde runner



KINRAN  is a traditional Japnaese fabric

made by interweaving various decorative foils as well as gold and

silver thread to create a gorgeous pattern.


KINRAN weaving reportedly began to flourish in Nishijin, Kyoto in the mid-15th century. Instead of being dyed after weaving, the highly elaborate fabric is

produced by combining threads of many different colors that have been dyed beforehand. The splendor and rich hues of this high-grade fabric

have been used to signify the dignity of formal Shinto and Buddhist rituals

as well as royalty and the nobility.


The patterns also have unique Japanese-characteristics.

Based on their coexistence with the seasons.

Japanese people have developed a rich culture incorporating fabric designs

created out of the country's beautiful scenery which abounds in trees such as

seasonally cherry blossoms along with pine and bamboo,

animals such as rabbits and cranes.

And variation in the flow of water, the motion of the clouds and snow.