MASU, SAKE glass set

Today, "Masu" made of Cypress wood is getting attention overseas as a traditional Japanese wooden cups. And those who are fans of Japanese cuisine and Japanese sake are already familiar with it. Other than its use in Japanese cuisine, masu is also used as an accessory box or as decoration on tables to stylishly present seasoning such as salt, pepper and other spices. 

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SAKE Glass MASU Cup set

Traditional Japanese seasonal designs on glassware and Masu cup, created with modern techniques and methods by ADERIA Co., Japan. While these exquisite pieces are practical, they elegantly decorate your table.


 【 MIZORE (Sleety) finish 】


Technology by ADERIA, the glass has been specially processed to look like sleet. It is called "Mizore" (sleet in Japanese)" which is more glittering and also prevents glass surface from getting fingerprints.

The surface of the glass shimmers like an ice-crystal, which adds cool and refreshing texture. 

 ◆ SAKURA - cherry blossoms - ◆


◆ YUKI-USAGI - snow rabbit - ◆

☆ SAKE Glass MASU Cup set

Sake glass and Masu cup set with traditional Japanese seasonal designs.

Gold leaf patterns and the sparkle unique to glass create a modern and cool look.

Ideal also for an aromatic decoration. You can feel the faint scent of "hinoki" wood.


2 patterns are available.

Art.-A) SAKURA cherry blossoms: 

             Japan’s most representative flower in gold are inlayed on the glass.

Art.-B) YUKI-USAGI snow rabbit:

             Rabbits are playing with snow flakes.


Material/material..... Glass, Holz/wood (Japanese Cypress "hinoki")

Inhalt/contents..... 1x Sake glass, 1x Masu cup

Größe (ca.)/size (approx.).....

     ●Sake glass: Ø 55 x H. 90 mml (108 g) / capacity 100 ml

     ●Masu Cup: W. 72 x D. 72 x H. 46 mm (52 g)

Verpackung/Packaging..... Gift box (W. 140 x D. 101 x H. 60mm, ca. 280 g)

Hersteller/Manufacturer..... ADERIA by ISHIZUKA glass Co., Ltd./ Aichi, Japan



SAKE glass MASU cup set

38,90 €

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- "MASU CUP" is made of natural wood, there is no same wood grain and color.

- Not suitable for the dishwasher, microwave oven or heating



- "MASU CUP" : Aufgrund von Naturprodukte, leichte Abweichungen von der Abbildung sind möglich.

- "MASU CUP" und "SAKE GLASS" :  Nicht geeignet für Spülmachinen und Mikrowelle.

about manufacturer

ADERIA, is a brand of a long established Japanese company "Ishizuka Glass Co. Ltd.", specialized for the glass houseware.

The brand name comes from the name of Adriatic Sea, known as one of the birthplace of the glass, started in Japan as a manufacturer of glass bottles in 1819 (Celebrating 200 years as a pioneer of glass products on December 2019!).

In the 1960s they started producing glass tableware and comes the brand “ADERIA” Since then, they have produced long life design glass tableware.