Slim tapestry

◆170cm x 10cm slim & long

New slim-line wall hanging scroll "Slim Tapestry" has a traditional motif such as beautiful flower, birds, and scenery are hand-dyeing brilliantly on a 10 x 170 cm-long of Ramie-Linen.

Various elements and colors on the tapestries have an great impact to the atmosphere in your place. You can change the decoration every season with a single tapestry to enjoy your eyes and appropriate to the season. It would also be gorgeous to combine and decorate some tapestry side-by-side.


* Rolled up and put in a box when not in used.
* A weight on the end for straighten hanging 


* String for hanging on the wall


No.1) MAIKO  sold out

A Maiko-girl wearing a traditional Kimono costume, walks along a cobbled path.

No.2) KABUKI   sold out

"The Lion Dance" is one of the popular performance by the Kabuki actor.

No.3) Rising Dragon   sold out

A dynamic scene of rising up a dragon from the ocean with splashes.


Flowering magnolia covered with beautiful deep pink blossoms and fresh buds.



sold out

Floating autumn leaves on Tatsutagawa-River in Kyoto has been often used as a visual form in painting, design motif, and poems.


Hand-painted wild cherry blossom "Satozakura" looks like a sensitive ink painting style.  


No.7) Rabbit's treasure bag sold out

Lovely rabbits pulling up a bag full of treasures, and which has auspicious patterns of pine, bamboo and plum. With a chic golden-yellow color.

No.8) PAGODA   sold out

The silhouette of red leaves and the five-story pagoda, a tasteful autumn in Kyoto. The gradation of red and orange is beautiful. 

No.9) Snow on Nandina   sold out

Nandina or "nanten" in Japan, which bears fruit even in winter, is believed to be a lucky motif, as its name means "turning the misfortune".

No.10)  Moon Rabbit   sold out

A white rabbit enjoys gazing the moon, smelling the scent of flowers in the moonlight.

No.11) Nishiki-Koi   sold out

The beautiful carps, called "swiming jewel" are close together in a pond with petals of cherry blossoms. 

No.12) Akane Fuji   sold out

Mt. Fuji turns madder red in the setting sun, and five cranes are flying higher in the sky - auspicious motifs placed works.

No.13) Flowers Silhouettes  sold out

The silhouettes of grasses represents the depth of the landscape, and the brightly blooming bellflower, Dianthus and Patrinia are even more impressive.

No.14) Suisen Fukuju  sold out

Dignified and pure white daffodils, and pretty yellow Amur Adonis. The subdued yellow-green base color makes them more attractive.

No.15) Fusenkazura   sold out

Lovely "balloon-plants" that looks like a puffy paper balloon, with small white flowers. A blur effect by the blur printing technique.

No.16) Ito-Kiku   sold out

A large white string chrysanthemum is depicted and finished delicately and elegantly. The chrysanthemum is also the national flower of Japan.

No.17) Gekkabijin   sold out

Mysterious tropical plant, "Night-blooming Cereus" or "Queen of the Night" blooms beautifully in the moonlight. Carefully depicted with a blurring technique.

No.18) Yamabuki  sold out

The bright colors of the Japanese Kerria delight eyes. Hand-painted the scene of it swaying gently in the wind.


☆ Slim Tapestry

No. 1) [MAIKO] €73,80 Sold out/Ausverkauft

No. 2) [KABUKI] €63,80  Sold out/Ausverkauft

No. 3) [RISING DRAGON]  €63,80 Sold out/Ausverkauft

No. 4) [MAGNOLIA]  €63,80 

No. 5) [TATSUTAGAWA-MOMIJI] Sold out/Ausverkauft

No. 6) [SATOZAKURA] €73,80

No. 7) [Rabbit's Treasure Bag] €73,80  Sold out/Ausverkauft

No. 8) [PAGOODA] €73,80   Sold out / Ausverkauft  

No. 9) [SNOW ON NANDINA] Sold out / Ausverkauft  

No.10) [Moon Rabbit] €73,80   Sold out/Ausverkauft

No. 11) [NISHIKI-KOI] €73,80 Sold out/Ausverkauft

No.12) [AKANE FUJI] €73,80  Sold out / Ausverkauft 

No.13) [Flowers Silhuettes] €73,80 Sold out/Ausverkauft

No.14) [Suisen Fukuju] €73,80 Sold out/Ausverkauft

No.15) [FUSENKAZURA] €73,80  Sold out/Ausverkauft

No.16) [ITO-KIKU] €73,80   Sold out/Ausverkauft

No.17) [GEKKABIJIN] €73,80  Sold out/Ausverkauft

No.18) [YAMABUKI] €73,80 Sold out/Ausverkauft


●Material/Material....................... Linen, wood (rod) / Leinen, Holz (Stange)

●Size (approx.) / Größe (ca.)....... 10 cm x 170 cm, 125g 

 * delivered in a white box (box size..... L. 8 cm x W. 6 cm x H. 12,5 cm)

●Manufacturer/ Hersteller....................... Le Ciel Japan Co., Ltd., Kyoto/Japan 

●Made in China (Planning & Design : Japan) 

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Slim Tapestry -hanging scroll -

63,80 €

  • Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage *1 / Shipping 2-3 working days *1

about manufacturer


- KYOto-rakushian - Le ciel japan co., ltd. -


"Kyoto-Rakushian" is a brand produced by Le Ciel Japan. The brand focuses on traditional "noren" a Japanese short curtain made from ramie (linen), a colorful hand-dyed representation of the four seasons of Japan, as well as tapestries and a variety of interior items. 

The products are manufactured using various traditional dyeing techniques such as wax dyeing (”rōketsuzome”), stencil dyeing (”Katazome”), brush dyeing ("hikizome"), batik dyeing and so on, which have been cultivated in Japan for a long time.