FUROSHIKI & Wrapping cloth

- Eco-friendly Japanese Wrapping Cloth -

Japanese traditional wrapping cloth "FUROSHIKI"  is a beautiful multipurpose cloth.

Popular uses are as varied as gift-wrapping, decorative tapestry, shopping bags and fashion accessories. 


FUROSHIKI is an eco-friendly wrapping tool for repeated uses. It is possible to wrap items of various shapes in it.

In addition, when it is not being used it can be made smaller by folding it. In this way, Japanese wrapping cloths "FUROSHIKI"

can be used for storing and for carrying things. 

  >>How to style, how to use Furoshiki ? ⇒ about Furoshiki


48 cm - 50 cm

◆ 48 cm "UKIYO-E" art series

◆ related goods (Tapestry)

◆ 50 cm "fukufuku" series   *NEW!

68 - 70 cm

related goods (Furoshiki Bag)

100 cm "Aquadrop" 

112 cm  *NEW!