🔸Ginsai Green Camellia - Kutani Flower Vase

A beautiful green vase with camellia design

Using a Kutani technique "Ginsai"


This small round vase has a beautifully emerges camellia motif in a gradation of green and yellow. It is made using with the technique of "ginsai".


Ginsai is a technique in which thin layer of pure silver foil is applied to stoneware by hand and placed in a kiln. The Kutani glass glaze applied to the vase also gives it a translucent and lustrous appearance.



Dimension (approx.): 9,5 cm x H. 9,5cm

Diameter of the opening about 2.3 cm

Material: Stoneware - Kutani ware

Origin: Made in Japan

Kleine runde grüne Vase mit Kamelienmotiv

Kutani-Ware "Ginsai" style


Diese kleine runde Vase hat ein wunderschön hervortretendes Kamelienmotiv in einer Abstufung von Grün und Gelb. Es wird mit der Technik von "Ginsai" hergestellt.


Ginsai ist eine Technik, bei der eine dünne Schicht reiner Silberfolie von Hand auf Steingut aufgetragen und in einen Ofen gelegt wird. Außerdem wird sie mit der Kutanis Glas-Glasur überzogen, wodurch eine transparente und glänzende Vase entsteht.



Größe (ca.): 9,5 cm x H. 9,5 cm

Durchmesser der Öffnung ca. 2,3 cm

Material: Steinzeug - Kutani Ware

Hergestellt in Japan

Ginsai Style  - 銀 彩 -

Ginsai is a technique of applying transparent or five-colour glaze on top of silver foil and baking it. The characteristic of this technique is that silver foil does not peel off and does not rust, and maintains its beautiful shine for a long time. Like the Ginsai technique, the tone of the painting is soft and restrained, and an elegant atmosphere can be seen in this technique.


Hand-applied silver foil does not have the same pattern and each one gives a different shine. The beautiful and even gradation that could not be achieved with paintbrushes alone has always been one of the most popular works of art among all generations. 

☆Kutani vase "Ginsai Green Camellia" H. 9,5 cm


[ Dimension (approx.) / Maße (ca.) ]

       Vase:  Φ 9,5 cm x H. 9,5 cm (Rim Φ 2,3 cm) 

[ material / Material ]

      vase: Keramik (Porzellan) / ceramic (Porcelain)  - Kutani ware 

[ weight (approx.) / Gewicht (ca.) ]

       255 g

[ origin / Hergestellt ]

        made in Ishikawa, Japan

[ Studio / Töpfer] 

       Studio Senshu   

[ Packing ] 

        Original box


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