Weihnachtsgrüße von wafuu-honpo online shop


メリークリスマス & 良いお年を!

Frohe Weihnachten & ein glückliches neues Jahr! 

Merry Christmas & a happy new year!


Liebe Kunden,

Wir wünschen Ihnen fröhliche Weihnachten und einen guten start ins neue Jahr! Entspannen Sie sich und genießen Sie ein fröhliche und festliche Tage. Wir freuen uns darauf, nächstes Jahr wieder von unseren geschätzten Kunden zu hören.


Dear customers,

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Relax and enjoy a joyful and festive Christmas & year end & new year.

We look forward to hearing from our valued customers again next year.


vielen Dank, Thank you very much, arigato-gozaimashita!

team wafuu-honpo

New: Toso Sake Serving Set


This beautiful Yamanaka lacqued sake serving set is referred to as a "toso-ki" (屠蘇器) in Japan. The Set includes a handled sake pot (choshi) and three sets of sake cups (sakazuki), and an oval formed tray (obon), that can be used for various special occasions such as New Year's. Simple modern design makes it suitable for celebrations, home party or daily use.

Enjoy New Year's in Japanese style!


*There is also a stacked box ”JUBAKO” in the same series.


New models: chopsticks

🔸 NEW Chopsticks

Kitchen/Table  ☞ SHOP

    Chopsticks (pairs, set)  ☞ SHOP

       Chopsticks (single)  ☞ SHOP


How about Japanese chopsticks as a Christmas present in 2022?

Lacquered chopsticks from Wakasa, Kiso and Wajima. . .

We have a variety of models including pair sets in wooden boxes and single item too.

Check it out!

New: JUBAKO Bento box


◆Kitchen/Table --> Bento & Accessories --> Jubako  ☞ SHOP

This 3-Tier lacqued container is referred to as a jubako (重箱) in Japan. Jubako were traditionally used while celebrating the New Year as "osechi" (Japanese traditional new year food). It is also a great way to pack food as a large bento box for special occasions such as parties, festivals and picnics.


Specification - Most standard style:

19.5 x 19.5 cm, total height 21 cm.

Available in red and black.

Made of resin with urethane coating by Yamanaka for long-lasting use.


New & Restock item: Matschawan Tea bowl - Kutani ware


KUTANI ware Matchawan Tea bowl for tea ceremony 



🔸"Yusai" Hasegawa Takayuki

🔸Yoshidaya Tsubaki-Camellie

🔸Yoshidaya Peony

New item: Ukiyo-e Kanzashi


This unique collection incorporates the vivid colours and bold lines of Hokusai's ukiyo-e arts.  

Yamanaka Lacquerware's Bachi-Kanzashi is made using modern maki-e techniques. Try them with formal kimonos as well as everyday wear.

🔸Red Fuji

🔸The Great Wave off Kanagawa

New item: Large sized Rice bowl & Tea cup


Hasami ware extra-large rice bowl & tea cup with hand-painted dragon design:


With a diameter of 14 cm and a height of 7.5 cm (regular rice bowls are 11-12 cm), this large rice bowl is the perfect item for rice lovers. Tea cup also has a large capacity of approximately 270 ml.


The iconic dragon is painted only in chic solid blue, and the bold brushstrokes add a sense of dynamism to the entire product.

It has long been a favorite as a standard model of the traditional Hasami-yaki "Gakou-gama" pottery.

Easy to use, dishwasher and microwave safe.


Rice Bowl "RYU, Dragon" ☞ SHOP

Yunomi tea cup "RYU, Dragon" ☞ SHOP


Restocking & New item: Kokeshi wooden doll

🔸 NEW Kokeshi

Creative, Modern KOKESHI  ☞ SHOP


"Amayadori", Kôjyô 

"Kosode (Kimono)", Kôjyô 

"Hishô", Usaburo 

"Hohoemi", Shôei

"Haru no Yume", Usaburo 

"Hina", Usaburo

"Takeda Shingen", Chie

"Haru no Uta", Usaburo

"Okappa-san", Usaburo

"Hanafubuki", Chie

🔸Restocked Kokeshi

"Tsubaki no Sato", Usaburo

"Michiyuki", Shôei 

"MA", Chie

New item: Sake set



     pale rosa/purple phased Pottery 

     Hagi ware


🔸"Seihakuji Mentori"

 pale blue glaze with men-tori design 

 Arita Ware


New item: Yunomi Tea cup (pair)


🔸"Oribe, Sabi-e"

     Kyô/Kiyomizu Ware

     Paired tea cup


🔸"Aizome Suiteki" - Crystal-glazed 

      Arita Ware

      Paired tea cup


New item: Tea caddy, Spoon


🔸Ittobori wooden tea caddy

Dia. 7,3 cm x Height 12,5 cm


🔸Echizen-nuri Lacquerware

Dia. 6,6 cm x Height 9,5 cm


🔸Tea spoon in leaf shape



Made of stainless steel with a leaf motif, ideal for scooping tea leaves. 

size 3,5 x 8,3 cm


New item: Sake Glass "Mizore Kutani - Hanazume"



🔸Special collaboration of Kutani-yaki and "Mizore" processed glass


Beautiful Japanese sake glass combined with a special glass processed like ice crystals and the stem made of Kutani ware in "Hanazume" style, a traditional craft of Ishikawa Prefecture.

The "Hanazume", a popular motif in Kutaniyaki porcelain, adds a touch of glamour to your dining table.


Φ 7cm, H.11,9cm /  volume ca. 150ml

Restocking item: USUHARI glass

Less than 1mm thinness

A pair of blown glasses called “USUHARI” in wooden box is each carefully hand crafted by master craftsmen in Tokyo, Japan. They are born from same techniques as making the electric light bulbs. 💡


At the first glance, these seem like any normal glass but, they are super thin body all around. These appear to be extremely delicate but it can be handled with usual care as other glassware. “USU” means “thin” and “HARI” means “glass” in Japanese.


The interface between the glass and mouth has been minimized, resulting in an exquisitely fine mouthfeel.


While they appear to be delicate, they can be handled with the usual care of other glassware. 



* volume: 350 ml, 2 pcs set

* in wooden box, ideal for premium gift.


* Great for medium to heavy bodied red wine, and also usuhari glasses are suitable as your every day water glasses & also for beer/cocktails. 

New & Restocked item: Bento Box

🔸Bento Box

Durable and easy-care food transportation item "Bento-box" made in Japan.

Have a great picnic with your favorite lunch box!



🔸Chopstick carrying case


New item: KAI Kitchen scissors & Cutting board


◆KAI Seki-Magoroku Kitchen Scissors (DH-3345)


Total length... 20,5 cm / weight... 170 g  


A must-have for your kitchen!

- Robust and easy-to-wash all-stainless steel kitchen scissors -


KAI Seki-Magoroku's "Kitchen Scissors" have a high-grade forged metal blades that can be easily disassembled and washed in water.


Dirt buildup makes it difficult and stressful to open and close the scissors. And they need to be replaced regularly.

However, KAI's kitchen scissors, although expensive, are also economical as a result because they stay clean and sharp longer! 

◆KAI Seki-Magoroku Hinoki-Wooden Cutting board (AP-5225)


Size;  L. 36 cm x W. 20 cm x 1,3 cm thickness

Weight; approx. 450 g



Wooden cutting boards are particularly gentle on the blade, as the wood gives in slightly. Therefore, it is said that the sharpness of the blade can be maintained for a long time. 

This wooden cutting board from KAI Japan comes with a stand so that it can be stood securely and safely. In addition, the natural aroma of cypress wood is very pleasant.

Restocking: Edo-Kiriko


Chic light purple colour dressed Edo-Kiriko.

The small "Guinomi" sake cup has a capacity of 90ml, with "rabbots viewing the moon" cutting design on.



New item: Yunomi Tea cup - Kutani ware




"hane Usagi"

hopping rabbits


"Take Suzume"

bamboo and sparrows


New: Japanese Incense "koh"

 NEW!  Incense sticks from YOU-YOU-ANG!

Byakudan 13,5cm



Byakudan 27cm


☞ SHOP   

Jinkou 13,5cm


☞ SHOP   

Kinmokusei 13,5cm

Sweet Osmanthus

☞ SHOP   

New & Restock: Japanese Teapot - Tokoname ware

The traditional Japanese teapot "kyusu" handmade by the famed Studio in Tokoname (Aichi prefecture).

With a built-in ceramic strainer.

Material of the natural clay (Japanese: Shudei 朱泥) from Tokoname region has particularly enriched with natural iron-oxide. 

* It is said that any astringency and bitterness found in Japanese green teas are adjusted by the reaction of the iron contained in Tokoname ware's red mud with the tannin of the tea, resulting in a delicious and mellow taste.


NEW Models!  

Kokudei dots 180ml

by Shôhô


"Kokudei Yohen Biri" 250ml

by Gyokko

☞ SHOP   

Kuro Tsuba Biri 220ml

by Gyokko


"Nerikomi Sendan" 240ml

by Tôsen

☞ SHOP   

Aka-Ume 250ml

by Shunjyu


Dokudami 200ml

by Shôhô


◆Tokoname Premium Series

Kokudei Grape 310ml

by Shôhô


Natsume Mogake Tataki 280ml

by Kôshin


Shudei Matsukawa, Urushi 260ml

by Hokuryô


Restocking: Tea ware - Kutani ware


KUKTANI WARE: Teacups, teapots, flower vase and figurine are restocked in our online store.

Please check them out!




"Sakura & Bird"



"Kokutani Kachou" 



"Cats in sunny spot" 



"Kinsai MOON 380ml"



"O-JIZO-SAMA" 13,5cm 



"KOI Carps, clibing waterfall" 24cm 

Restocking: Ikkanjin series


一閑人"Ikkanjin" series

Yunomi Tea cups and Rice bowls, red & blue Ikkanjin series are on stock!


New: KUTANI flower vase

Hanazume   7 x 7 x H.15 cm


Kachô gold   12 x 25,5 cm



Glad to introduce the NEW brand from ARITA porcelain.


The brand “KISEN” (其 泉) is produced by SHOBIDO-HONTEN Co., based in Arita-city, Saga prefecture. SHOBIDO-HONTEN, has progressed together with historic Arita porcelain, and aspires to deliver products in which traditional designs are given contemporary expression. 


Now, small plates, serving dishes, teapots, teacups and wine cup are now available in our online-shop. (The beautiful chopstick rests are already in stock last year.)


Please enjoy these refined timeless design to express your cooking creation or table coordinate!


Kai-Koimari 9 x 11cm


Plate set Fish (set of 5) 15 x 15 cm


◆Tea ware - teapot & cup

Gin Gosu Tokusa

   Kyusu - Teekanne  ☞ SHOP

   Yunomi - Cup  ☞ SHOP

Iroe Ume-Kiku Mon

   Kyusu - Teekanne  ☞ SHOP

   Yunomi - Cup  ☞ SHOP

◆wine cup



◆Chopstick rest

Tsuru Kame / Koimari