🔸"SAKASA-FUJI"  - blue / red -

Setting up the perfect view "SAKASA-FUJI"  - A name for particularly majestic view of Mount Fuji -


Mount Fuji is probably the most well-known Japanese mountain. It is the highest (3,776 m) in Japan. Admired by Japanese people, the mountain has been chosen as the subject of the paintings by many artists such as ukiyo-e series by Hokusai "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji", created during the 1820s, shows 36 different views of Mt Fuji. 
Also the most famous view would be Mt Fuji reflecting on the lake. The inverted image of Mount Fuji is called "Sakasa Fuji".
The image of "Sakasa Fuji" has been loved for a long time. You often find the motif in Japan. For example, if you have a 5,000 yen or 1,000 yen note, Japanese banknote, please check the surface.
It is so popular but rare to see that you are lucky if you can see the "Sakasa Fuji" view. Our latest product of "Mt Fuji – vase" by Nagae Co., is created the miniature idealized landscape. Now, you can enjoy watching the view of "SAKASA-FUJI" in any time at your home easily, when you pour water on this vase!

※Mt.Fuji was registered as a World Heritage in 2013.  / ※Mt.Fuji wurde als Weltkulturerbe im Jahr 2013 registriert.

☆ Flower Vase -"SAKASA-FUJI"- ☆

*Designed by Hidekazu Kainai


The inverted image of Mt. Fuji on the lake water surface, called "SAKASA-FUJI" has been admired by the Japanese. Because it's really beautiful and also is so rare to see that you are lucky if you get an opportunity. Now, you can enjoy watching the view of "SAKASA-FUJI" in any time at your home easily, when you pour water on this vase!


Das umgekehrte Bild von Mt.Fuji auf die Wasseroberfläche, die so genannte "SAKASA-FUJI" ist in Japan bewundert. Denn es ist wirklich schön und auch im Natur so selten zu sehen. Jetzt können Sie "SAKASA-FUJI" jederzeit bei Ihnen zu Hause genießen können, wenn Sie das Wasser in dieser Vase gießen!


including… Pin-holder

material..… (Body): Aluminum (Pin-holder): stainless-steel

color.......... blue / red

finishing..… Acrylic baking

size............. approx. L 150 x W 125 x H 80 mm

weight....... approx. 465 g


Flower vase "SAKASA FUJI"

53,90 €

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The way of the manufacturing for Vases called "Sand Casting".

Each item has been molding by skilled craftsman who has been keeping the traditional process.

Metalware manufacturer "nagae" stands in Takaoka-city, Toyama prefecture. There is a famous traditional crafts with a history of 400 years in Japan. Now Takaoka is well-known as a town of Japan's leading metal industry. 


* back side
* back side

Made of Aluminum...,

  ・easy to care

  ・thin and light, ideal choice for gift.

  ・ chip-proof relative to grass- or pottely-made Vases




about the manufacturer

NAGAE Ltd. is a well-established Japan-based die caster. They have been designing, manufacturing, and supplying high quality die cast parts such as metal home decor accessories since 1954 in Takaoka.
They use multiple metal materials in thier die casting process, such as aluminium, zinc, and brass to deliver the optimum results. By making the best of superb craftsmanship and modern technology to enhance metallic beauty and create classic and timeless metallic home accents in wide range. The products reflect the variety and depth of crafts & art.
They keep to push the technical boundaries of metal and their product adds sparkle to your room and your life.