"Guinomi" rabbits & Moon, purple


Most people think of Edo Kiriko as red or blue glassware. Certainly red and blue are typical colors of Edo Kiriko made in the late Showa era. And it's arguably the most popular color today. 


However, there are various colors of Edo Kiriko glassware. The colored one is called Irogise "color dressed". It has a two-layered  structure with a colored thin layer on the outside and a transparent layer inside. When you cut the glass, the outer color is removed and it reveal the transparent glass.


Here, offering item is a 90 ml, small Guinomi sake cup, which is made of elegant light purple Irogise Edo-glass with cutting design of "rabbits viewing the moon".

Unique design of Edo-Kiriko "rabbits viewing the moon"

It is said that Edo-kiriko began in the late Edo period when the glassmaker "Kyubei Kagaya" applied kiriko work to glass.

Since then, the traditional technique has been handed down to the present day. The patterns also developed along with the lives of the common people. In addition to geometric patterns like a kaleidoscopes, it is not widely known that floral patterns and fruit patterns were the main patterns. While respecting the good traditions of the Edo period, Saiho's craftsman has incorporated designs arranged in a modern style into kiriko work, which fascinates us.


☆ Edo-Kiriko Guinomi "Rabbits & Moon"

Using a diamond wheel, Edo kiriko gains finely engraved beautiful design. The design for Saihou's Edo kiriko is based on traditional patterns, and the production is done by highly experienced craftworkers. EDO KIRIKO GUINOMI GLASS RABBIT & MOON is a perfect size for having sake. And, the beautiful glass can also be used as a modern glass for serving desserts and appetizers.

It is packaged in a beautiful white box so that it is excellent for a gift. 


Contains... 1x guinomi glass

Color......... purple

Material.... glass

Capacity... 90 ml

Dimensions..... ø 60 mm x H. 56 mm 

Wooden Box... L. 75 mm x W. 85 mm x H. 66 mm

made in Japan

72,00 €

  • Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage *1 / Shipping 2-3 working days *1

* Each glass comes in a original box.

* Wash gently with warm soaping water.

* Don't use in dishwasher and microwave oven.

* The color shown in the photos may be slightly varied from the actual color due to the lighting and color deviation of monitors.

* Jedes Glas wird in einer Originalverpackung geliefert.

* Bitte waschen mit warmem Seifenwasser.

* Nicht in Spülmaschine und Mikrowelle verwenden.

* * Die tatsächliche Farbe kann je nach Monitor Einstellungen leicht abweichen.

About Manufacturer


Saihou is a brand of Edo kiriko from Mitsuwa Glass founded in 1971. Edo kiriko is a traditional Japanese cut glass derived in Edo, today's Tokyo area. In Saihou, artisans manufacture Edo kiriko in various designs. The brand endeavors to pass down the tradition and also makes an effort to create new Edo kriko that fits our modern lives.