Japanese bell "ORIN" - in modern style -

"Orin" is a traditional Buddhist instrument that is sounded when reading sutras, also referred to as "singing bowl". Commonly, it has been believed from olden time in Japan that the gentle sound of "Orin" purify placesby exorcising evil spirits. Therefore "Orin" became an essential household attribute.




                                                                                        "orin", a traditional Buddhist instrument

● sound reach far and wide

● Basic sound of Kyujo Orin

* Kyujo orin craftwork
* Kyujo orin craftwork

"Kyujo Co. Ltd.", a long established Japanese manufacturer for religious objects creates Buddhist alter bells in a modern style.


In their products have been combines both – Buddhist culture of Japan and tremendous efforts of generations of craftsman who developed the traditional techniques of metal works.


Orin’ s sound is remarkable, something warm and gentle. The sounds makes you feel calm your minds. Embracing a feeling which cannot be described in words, sinking deep and echoing far into infinity… Their sound can lasted for a minute, even more, when you tinkle it lightly.

It produces a pleasant relaxing and healing sound.

"Kyujo Orin" timbre have “1/f fluctuation” which induces the flow of alpha brain waves that generate a feeling of comfort. Analysis by Japan Acoustic Lab has shown that there is a healing effect in this special sound.


● beautiful home accessories -

- provide healing sound & also great for gifts -

From among the rich variation of Kyujo Orin collection, we would like offer you these brass Orin, fashioned into table bell and door bell using traditional Takaoka copperware techniques.


Distinctive feature is deep and lingering reverberation. Timbre is not too large but goes far with soothing echoes.

(Try to check the sounds on the video in below!)


You can choose your taste from the differing timbres. These light and transparent-sounding bells will surely exorcise

misfortune coming from the outside and announce visitations of happiness.


- Table Bell "TENORIN" -

- Door Bell "DOARIN" -

[ Sound sample video ]

*Doarin's sound will start from 1:07.





☆ Table Bell "TENORIN"


Grasp the top and ring the tenorin!

This modern style table bell embraces the values of Japanese craft for making buddhist altar bells. It therefore has a beautiful, long lasting tone.

The word "TENORIN" means a petit bell which perfectly fits onto one's hand.


size (approx.)... diameter 50 mm x height 50 mm

                            weight 105 g  

material............. Orin: copper alloy (Urushi -Japanese lacquer- coating)

             Pendulum: Hematite (natural stone)

Table Bell TENORIN

69,80 €

☆ Door Bell "DOARIN"


This door bell applies traditional Japanese casting techniques to contemporary living.

Attached to a door, little discs like dewdrops of the bell sway and make a soothing 

sound each time when door opens.


Magnet is provided for DOARIN to attach the metal part of doors.

Also a screw and double stick tape are attached for any other kind material of the door.  


size (approx.)... L 48 mm x W 70 mm x H 110 mm,  120 g

material.............  Orin Bell: copper alloy

                           Pendulum: solid brass

                                    Base: aluminum

                                     Arm: stainless-steel

Fixtures... magnetic

Door Bell "DOARIN"

98,00 €

  • Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage *1 / Shipping 2-3 working days *1

[ care and attention ]


Orin is made of delicate metal.

Please be careful not to drop it or expose it , such act would have significant impact, or it can be damaged.

Even a small crack can prevent orin from producing a sound.

As time passes, some change of color will be seen. We recommend to use gloves when touching orin.


Clean the orin with soft dry cloth. Do not use any products or detergents.


[ Pflege und Aufmerksamkeit ]


Orin ist aus empfindlichem Metall gefertigt.

Bitte achten Sie darauf, es nicht fallen zu lassen, da dies erhebliche Auswirkungen haben könnte oder es beschädigt werden kann. Selbst ein kleiner Riss kann verhindern, dass Orin einen Ton erzeugt. Im Laufe der Zeit wird eine gewisse Farbveränderung zu sehen sein. Wir empfehlen, beim Anfassen von Orin Handschuhe zu tragen.


Reinigen Sie den Orin mit einem weichen, trockenen Tuch. Verwenden Sie keine Produkte oder Reinigungsmittel.

about manufacturer

Yamaguchi Kyujo Co., was founded in 1907 (Meiji-era), in Takaoka City, which is the second largest city in Toyama Prefecture and the central Japanese casting industry.


They are well known for their beautiful door and table bells that fitcontemporary lifestyle through their very modern designs.Also, they tune each note of them with care, according to the environment and purpose for which it is used.


Comforting sounds of Kyujo's Orin can be heard in various places, as chimes at schools, train departure melody at a station, or music for telephone on hold, highly regarded for beautiful tone. You can enjoy this tone in your home.


Train departure melody at JR Shin-Takaoka Station

⇒ melody ringtone (YouTube)

Takaoka Copperware history

The city of Takaoka was developed as a castle town of Takaoka Castle by Kaga lord Toshinaga Maeda and after the deserted Castle, it was developed as a commercial and industrial city. 

A flourishing production of castings that are representative in Takaoka copperware of traditional crafts, and the aluminum industry develops backed by rich water and electricity, too. 95 % of copperware in Japan is produced by Takaoka city.

From the big things such as temple bells to the fine works such as bronze statues, the various casting technology is famous nationwide.