🔸48 cm Fukumusubi

”Fuku-Musubi" means to connect and tie people together with happiness. The reversible cotton shantung Furoshiki, only the happy patterns were collected.

Front and back surfaces are respectively dyed in different colors and the patterns. Those patterns are based on Japanese auspicious motifs. Each pattern on both sides has the special meaning and it has been used since ancient days.




furoshiki ukiyoe utamaro

Japanese traditional treasures motifs on the dark blue surface and woven-bamboo pattern on the back side.

The treasures is gem jewel and figurative magic wand. Wishes for there is a lot of delight in life.



Treasures - orange/brown 

furoshiki ukiyoe utamaro

Japanese traditional treasures motif on the orange surface and woven-bamboo pattern on the back side.

Treasures are gem jewel and figurative magic wand. Wishes for there is a lot of delight in life.



Tortoise - green/orange

The green side has a tortoise motif and the reverse side is orange with a crane motif. Cranes are said to live for 1,000 years and tortoises for 100 years, the pattern is particularly auspicious, meaning longevity and prosperity.



Japanese Apricot

- old-rose/gray

Japanese apricot bloom in the frigid temperatures and are quite fragrantly. They have long been loved as a happy flower. The reverse side has a cherry blossom pattern, the flower that is loved by everyone.


Japanese Apricot/Pine/Bamboo

- red/navyblue

furoshiki ukiyoe utamaro

Japanese Apricot : The pattern of Japanese apricot is recognized as a symbol of happiness as it blooms earlier than other flowers.


Pine & Bamboo : This pattern is a design of pine bark with tiny bamboo. Those trees symbolize longevity as they survive freezing winter.


Cherry Blossom/Wave

- pink/blue

furoshiki ukiyoe utamaro

Cherry Blossom : Cherry blossoms are believed to make your big dream come true and make a good match. Look closely, there are loving bird couples in the tree!


Wave : A pattern of waves in blue ocean signifies the eternal happiness and peaceful lives.


Reversible cotton shantung fabric has various auspicious motifs on each side.

Der reversible Shantung-Stoff aus Baumwolle hat verschiedene glückverheißende Motive auf jeder Seite.



   No.1) TAKARA - Treasures - navy blue/mustard 
   No.2) TAKARA - Treasures - orange/brown

   No.3) KAME - Tortoise - green/orange  - sold out

   No.4) UME - Japanese apricot - old rose/gray

   No.5) UME - Japanese aplicot & Pine & Bamboo- red/navyblue 

   No.6) SAKURA - cherry blossom & wave - pink/blue


size/Größe............... 48 x 48 cm

material/Material.....cotton / Baumwolle

made in Japan

care/Pflege.............. hand washing / Handwäsche


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48 Fukumusubi

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  • Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage *1 / Shipping 2-3 working days *1

*Care information: Hand Wash below 40℃, don't tumble dry, Iron on low setting if needed.

*Pflegehinweis: Handwäsche unter 40℃, Nicht Wäschetrockner, Bügeln bei niedriger Einstellung bei Bedarf.