naft Flower Vase / Blumensteckschale

ikebana shizuka flowervase

Beautiful, modern vases are produced by "NAGAE" from TAKAOKA-city in Japan. These items will add zest to your life with their combination of traditional Japanese metalworking techniques and modern style.


"IKEBANA", a Japanese flowering art actually needs a real training. But it's easier with these vases! Place the flower or plants in the vase,  all you have to do is just enjoying the sight. The small metallic vase creates a miniature Japanese ZEN garden in your room. Enjoy your own private Zen garden!

All vases come with a pin-holder, kenzan.


klein Blumenvasen, die Sie überall platzieren können und ist eine Miniatur-japanischen Zen-Garten.

'Zen' bedeutet Meditation in Sanskrit. Zen-Garten schmückte seit Jahrhunderten Japans Landschaft. Die Schönheit und der Einfachheit eines Zen-Garten sollen Ruhe und Gelassenheit besorgen - egal wie klein der Garten ist. Mit unserer 'Aluminium Vase Collection', können Sie Zen-Garten leicht auf den Tisch kreieren und führen in Ihrem anstrengenden Tag die Entspannung ein.  

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〇 Series: "SAKASA-FUJI"

〇 Series: "SHIZUKA"


The way of the manufacturing for Vases called "Sand Casting".

Each item has been molding by skilled craftsman who has been keeping the traditional process.

Metalware manufacturer "nagae" stands in Takaoka-city, Toyama prefecture. There is a famous traditional crafts with a history of 400 years in Japan. Now Takaoka is well-known as a town of Japan's leading metal industry. 


* back side
* back side

Made of Aluminum...,

  ・easy to care

  ・thin and light, ideal choice for gift.

  ・ chip-proof relative to grass- or pottely-made Vases


about the manufacturer

NAGAE Ltd. is a well-established Japan-based die caster. They have been designing, manufacturing, and supplying high quality die cast parts such as metal home decor accessories since 1954 in Takaoka.
They use multiple metal materials in thier die casting process, such as aluminium, zinc, and brass to deliver the optimum results. By making the best of superb craftsmanship and modern technology to enhance metallic beauty and create classic and timeless metallic home accents in wide range. The products reflect the variety and depth of crafts & art.
They keep to push the technical boundaries of metal and their product adds sparkle to your room and your life.