Rice bowl "RYU, dragon" (xl)

- HASAMI YAKI, by Pottery studio Gakou -

Larger rice bowl RYU (Dragon)


Φ 14cm x height 7,3 cm 


A large rice bowl perfect for anyone who loves rice.

The legendary dragon is hand-painted only in chic, monochromatic shades of blue, and the bold brushstrokes add a dynamic vibe to the entire product.


This is a popular standard model that has been produced for many years by Gakou-gama Kiln (雅幸窯), a traditional Hasami ware pottery workshop.


*We also have matching teacups from the Gakogama's "Ryu" series.

Große Reisschüssel RYU (Drache)

Φ 14cm x Höhe 7,3 cm


Eine große Reisschüssel, perfekt für alle, die Reis lieben.

Der legendäre Drache ist nur in schicken, monochromen Blautönen gemalt, und die kräftigen Pinselstriche verleihen dem gesamten Produkt eine dynamische Ausstrahlung.


Ein beliebtes Standardmodell, das seit vielen Jahren von dem traditionellen Keramikstudio Gakou-gama (雅幸窯) aus Hasami in Nagasaki produziert wird.


*Aus gakou-gama's “Ryu” Serie bieten wir weitere passende Yunomi Teetasse an. 


☆ Rice bowl "Ryu" dragon/Drache - Large size


[ Größe (ca.)/ size (approx.) ]       

  Φ. 14 cm x H. 7,.5 cm   

[ Gewicht (ca.)/ weight (approx.) ]       
    285 g

[ Material/ material ]       Porzellan/ Porcelain (Hasami ware))

[ Studio ]      Gakou Pottery Studio

[ Hergestellt/ origin ]       Hasami, Nagasaki/Japan



- Mikrowellengeeignet 

- Spülmachinengeeignet 



- Microwave-safe

- Dishwasher-safe


Ikkanjin Rice bowl

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🔸Hasami ware - 波佐見焼

Hasami-yaki porcelain, which is characterized by the beauty of white porcelain and the delicate painting in indigo, is a pottery made at Hasami Town in the northern part of Nagasaki Prefecture. The town is surrounded by mountains, and produce abundant good material. 


The name "Hasami-yaki" may be unfamiliar to people overseas, but Hasami is a neighboring town of Arita, which is famous worldwide for Arita-yaki, and in fact, has the same roots. This region, including Hasami, which has a history of more than 400 years and still holds a large share of daily tableware, was registered as a Japanese cultural heritage in 2016.


In former days, all the pottery from this region was shipped overseas from Imari Port, so it was called "IMARI-yaki ware".


In the Meiji era (1868-1912), with the development of railroad transportation, pottery from this area was distributed nationwide from Arita Town, where the shipping station was located, thus Hasami-yaki and Arita-yaki were all called "Arita-yaki" together.

Therefore, much of what was sold as Arita-yaki at that time actually contained Hasami-yaki ware. 


However, due to the revision of the law in the 2000s, the stricter notation of production area was enforced. From this point on, Hasami-yaki ware and Arita-yaki ware will be clearly separated from each other, and will be restarted from scratch as "Hasami ware".