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Motto is to create objects "What you can enjoy for a long time".


Denpei Kiln has been manufacturing ceramics in Arita since the late Edo period using their unique own tunnel kiln. The characteristic styles of products which are highly popular in Japan, can be seen in its contemporary taste. It is a unique and easy style, plus the brilliant and dignified style, which requires skillful brushwork. Denpei's craftsmen are producing these plates with wishing happiness for users.


5 products from Denpei's popular series


Here are five particularly great examples. All tableware is hand crafted, hand painted and painstakingly kilned. It's small but has a substantial presence, which will be a decorative accent for your dining table. Recommended using as a plate for soy sauce, seasoning, and also ideal for chopstick rest.
In addition, they are all stackable and allow for compact storage. The patterns and shapes are a regardless of the season, so it is useful for decorating and everyday use.

◆ Mamezara "Otesho-zara" - Origami-inspired form-

Tiny dish with a traditional shape from the Edo period: 'Otesho Dish'


A small dish designed to resemble origami, a Japanese paper craft made by folding a sheet of paper, with roses elegantly hand-painted on glossy Arita white porcelain.


These particularly small palm-sized dishes are called 'otesho zara', 'tesho zara' or 'otesho', depending on the region, and derive from the fact that they were used especially for serving salt in Japanese cuisine. (salt = SHIO in Japanese). During the Edo period, oteshozara of various shapes were produced in Arita ware, adding an elegant beauty to the dining table. They are extremely popular and much-loved by many collectors.


Denpei craftsmen have reproduced them today in the original Edo period otershozara style. 

☆ Mamezara set "Origami Rose" (red & blue)


[ SET OF 2 ] Palm-sized Arita-yaki plates look like origami paper. 

This set of two plates, hand-painted with red and blue roses on a white background, has a simple yet refined beauty.

[Inhalt/ contents]       1 Paar Set (1x Rot, 1x Blau) / 1 pair set (1x red, 1x blue)
[Größe (ca.)/ size (approx.)]       L. 8,7 cm x B. 10,3 cm x H. 2 cm
[Gewicht (ca.)/ weight (approx.)]       65 g
[Material/ material]       Porzellan/ Porcelain
[Hersteller/ Manufacturer]       Denpei
[Hergestellt/ origin]       Arita, Saga/Japan


Origami Rose, Oteshozara

39,90 €

  • Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage *1 / Shipping 2-3 working days *1

General caution and care advice

  • Color, texture and weight of each item may differ slightly. All the tableware is handmade by craftsmen one by one. We appreciate your kind understanding to the handmade crafts. 
  • Oven: NOT safe 
  • microwave oven : safe 
  • Dishwasher : safe (However, we recommend washing by hand using mild detergent and soft sponge carefully, to avoid damage or cracking under certain situation.)
Allgemeine Hinweise und Pflege
  • Handgefertigte Produkte können Farbe, Textur und Gewicht der einzelnen Artikel geringfügig abweichen. Wir bedanken uns für Ihr Verständnis.
  • Backofen/Herd: NICHT geeignet
  • Mikrowelle: geeignet
  • Spülmaschinen: geeignet (Wir empfehlen jedoch, Handwäsche sorgfältig mit einem milden Reinigungsmittel und einem weichen Schwamm zu waschen, um Beschädigungen oder Risse unter bestimmten Umständen zu vermeiden.)

about manufacturer

Motto is to create objects "What you can enjoy for a long time".


Denpei Kiln (伝平窯) is a producer of high quality Japanese porcelain that established around the later of Edo period in Saga, Japan. It is located in the hills of Arita where they operates their unique own tunnel kiln.


Inheriting the Traditional Techniques of Arita Porcelain, employing uncompromising manufacturing and a fine sense of balance, the kiln has recently been developing products that suit new lifestyles. Unique, stylish, and highly durable products are much loved by everyone from top chefs to ordinary households all over Japan.


* In 2016 , Arita ware will celebrate its 400th anniversary!!  ⇒ more about Arita-yaki