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🔸Title: "sachi no hana" - happiness flowes 幸の花

☆ Usaburo "sachi no hana"

[ Title ]

"sachi no hana" (幸の花) - happiness flowers 




[ size (approx.) / Maße (ca.) ]

       height / Höhe..... 15 cm

       diameter / Durchmesser..... 7,5 cm  

       weight / Gewicht..... 220 g  


       wood / Holz (Mizuki- Giant dogwood)


*The doll is hand painted, may differ slightly from the product photo.


*Die Puppe ist handbemalt, kann leicht von dem Produktfoto abweichen. 


52,90 €

Artisan & Brand information

USABURŌ (岡本卯三郎 - Usaburo I), Usaburo brand 

Usaburo I, the founder of Usaburo kokeshi, was born in 1917 in Shinto, Gunma Prefecture, and started kokeshi manufacture in 1950.
Winner of many prizes, including the Prize of the Minister of International Trade and industry. Died in Jul 2009 at the age of 91.

His particular processing technique has redefined the design of traditional kokeshi.
Usaburo also studied the possibiulity of using keyaki and chestnut, trees having beautiful grains, in addition to table dogwood, a commonly used material.
Today, Usaburo Kokeshi can boast 6 award-winning craftsmen, as well as 25 collaborating craftsmen employed in the production of kokeshi dolls.  

◆ Attention ◆

Kokeshi dolls are made from natural wood and handmade by artisans. Though they create the same kokeshi dolls as the product photos, the appearances of them such as colors, shapes, grain, facial expression may be a little different from pictures. Please accept the matter of these slight differences. 

◆ Achtung ◆

Kokeshi-Puppen werden aus natürlichem Holz hergestellt und von Kunsthandwerkern handgefertigt. Obwohl sie die gleichen Kokeshi-Puppen wie die Produktfotos erstellen, können die Erscheinungen von ihnen wie Farben, Formen, Maserung, Gesichtsausdruck ein wenig anders als Bilder sein. Bitte akzeptieren Sie die Angelegenheit dieser leichten Unterschiede.