🔸Kutani ware vase "Yoshidaya Kachô" (small)

The Yoshida-ya style is probably the most famous style of Kutani ware. This style uses the kiln in which Yoshidaya Denemon aimed to use it at revitalizing Kutani in 1824, and followed the traditional painting style of Aode Kutani. 


The bold composition, unique colors, and stately atmosphere of the designs drawn with "wa-enogu", a glassy Japanese paint, produce deep and transparent colors when fired. 


The design is mainly uses four colors, blue-green, yellow, purple, iron blue (no red), and various patterns and small patties, filling the whole surface characterized by a solid feeling style.

A beautiful Japanese flower vase with a bird perching on a branch. 

The vase has in a typical Yoshida-ya style, depicting the nature of flowers and birds in the four colors of blue-green, yellow, purple and iron blue. Its bold and solid composition with vivid and unique colors give a sense of depth to the small vase.


It is a diameter of 9,5 cm and a height of 9,5 cm.

Due to its compact size, it can be placed in various places in the room, such as washbasins, tables, desks, and shelves.


Eine schöne japanische Blumenvase mit einem Vogel, der auf einem Zweig hockt. 


Die Vase hat in einem typischen Yoshida-ya-Stil, die Darstellung der Natur von Blumen und Vögeln in den vier Farben von Blaugrün, Gelb, Lila und Eisenblau. Seine kühne und solide Komposition mit lebendigen und einzigartigen Farben geben der kleinen Vase ein Gefühl von Tiefe.


9,5 cm Durchmesser und 9,5 cm Höhe.

Die kleine Vase passt an jeden Ort im Raum, wie z.B. auf einen Waschtisch, Tisch, Schreibtisch oder Regal.

☆Kutani vase - "Yoshidaya Kacho" (small) H. 9,5cm


[ Dimension (approx.) / Maße (ca.) ]

      Φ 9,5 cm x H. 9,5 cm 

[ material / Material ]

       Keramik (Porzellan) / ceramic (Porcelain)  - Kutani ware                

[ weight (approx.) / Gewicht (ca.) ]

       245 g

[ origin / Hergestellt ]

        made in Ishikawa, Japan

[ Studio] 

       Kutani Shûzan   

[ Packing ]

       Original giftbox


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