Edo-kiriko "sake glass" (pair-set)

various cutting patterns in Edo Kiriko

Edo Kiriko Schnittmuster
*Edo Kiriko Cutting pattern

Edo-Kiriko features designs like none other. Many of popular patterns were made during the Edo Period. They are derived from traditional tools used in daily life and from patterns found from nature, for example Yarai (bamboo palisade pattern), Nanako (fish-egg/fish-scale pattern), Sasanoha (bamboo leaves), chrysanthemum flowers, hemp leaf or Kagome (basket weave) etc...

Today, these pattern are also used either alone or in combination with others symmetrically.


The cut surface shines beautifully by its prism effect. Edo-Kiriko is perfect for use as tableware when serving guests as well as for display. Since Edo Kiriko uses high-class crystal glass, it is also perfect as a gift for your parents or elders.

With elegant designs, the works of Edo-Kiriko will captivate anybody's heart.

Cutting pattern "kenbishi-nanako" 剣菱 魚子

The pattern of  "kenbishi" has diamond shapes with sharply pointed corners. The edge imitates swords which have been thought as one of the sacred treasures in Japan. And the pattern of "nanako" is carved inside of the diamond shape. "Nanako" is a pattern made with a series of fine incisions imitating the shape of fish eggs. The delicate light reflecting on the cuts’ surface also shines beautifully, resembling fish scales, in this pattern that represents fertility.


By combining traditional patterns, a new pattern is created. The design is well integrated with the form of the glass itself, creating a sense of unity.


Studio Taburo's beautiful "Edo-Kiriko" are carefully hand-created by experienced craftsmen in Tokyo. 


☆ Edo-Kiriko "SAKE GLASS" 70ml (PAIRD)

Edo kiriko gains finely engraved patterns using a diamond wheel. The design of Saiho's Edo kiriko is based on traditional patterns, and the production is done by highly experienced craftworkers. EDO KIRIKO SAKE GLASS KENBISHI-NANAKO PATTERN is a perfect size for having sake or liqueur.

It is paired and packaged in a wooden box so that it is excellent for a gift.


Contains... set of 2 pieces
Color......... red and blue
Material.... glass

Capacity... 70 ml
Dimensions..... ø 50 mm x H. 90 mm 

Wooden box... L. 70 mm x W. 130 mm x H. 107 mm

made in Japan

179,00 €

  • Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage *1 / Shipping 2-3 working days *1

* Each glass comes in a original box.

* Wash gently with warm soaping water.

* Don't use in dishwasher and microwave oven.

* The color shown in the photos may be slightly varied from the actual color due to the lighting and color deviation of monitors.

* Jedes Glas wird in einer Originalverpackung geliefert.

* Bitte waschen mit warmem Seifenwasser.

* Nicht in Spülmaschine und Mikrowelle verwenden.

* * Die tatsächliche Farbe kann je nach Monitor Einstellungen leicht abweichen.

About Manufacturer


Saihou is a brand of Edo kiriko from Mitsuwa Glass founded in 1971. Edo kiriko is a traditional Japanese cut glass derived in Edo, today's Tokyo area. In Saihou, artisans manufacture Edo kiriko in various designs. The brand endeavors to pass down the tradition and also makes an effort to create new Edo kriko that fits our modern lives.