Vintage Kimono Silk Bow Tie

- Bow ties are coming back into fashon! -

but, there is a different attitude than before. Wearing a bow tie doesn't imply being formal the way it once did.

Today, bow ties manage to be a bit of self expression more than a concession to business dress.

Our new collection of bow tie is a style essential for all men and all occasions.

Handcrafted in Kyoto, Japan, made with the finest vintage Kimono silk with retro feel in amazing colours and patterns.


- for any occasion, any style of outfit -

Bow ties are the most formal type of neckwear. Over the recent years, this accessory has regained lots of recognition

among men who can be terned as fashionable. Furthermore, it is quite common these days to see a woman adorned in

her neck with bow tie. (For ladies, it can be worn either on the neck or on the wrist.)

For any occasion that calls for a red carpet-worthy look or cocktail parties, also the workplace and causal actibities. 

Men are incorporating them into almost any outfit they see fit. 


- unique bow tie with gorgeous impact - simple yet stunning -

 Try them paired with a crisp white shirt or simple crew-neck or turtle-neck sweater as an eccentric spin!!

Bow tie shape: The Diamond Tip

There are a different shapes of bow tie, such a kind of the Butterfly, the Batwing, the Rounded Club, the Straight End and

the Diamond Tip. Bow ties we offer you are so called "the Diamond point bow tie".

photo source: wikipedia
photo source: wikipedia


The Diamond point bow ties are a classic, yet there's something modern and irresistible

about their asymmetry. Its edges are not flat like the other styles. They are pointed so as to

give it its diamond tips. The diamond tip is a very stylish and is gaining immense popularity

in recent days.


Many people think the diamond tip is a new wing type, because it's only just starting to gain 

popularity again. Take a look at this photo of Abraham Lincoln from over 150 years ago and

you'll see that this bow tie style has been around! Although its present form is definitely

more lively one.


Reborn bow tie from Japanese vintage Kimono

Each piece is carefully handcrafted from vintage Japanese kimono silk fabric which is the well-selected material from stock of antique kimono shop in Kyoto, Japan.
The dapper and very unique neck accessories are obviously unconventional... but still plenty Formality.


Pre-tied bow tie with adjustable strap and metal hock. It is so easy to size it down or up till you get that perfect fit. It can also be worn in just a few seconds.


A Japanese studio Yumemiya Co., in Kyoto, Japan who is sophisticatedly creating traditional ornaments, accessories, and decorative goods by skilled craftsmen.  


These Bow Ties are a perfect expression of your style and also undoubtedly a show-Stopper. It will be sure to attract attention wherever you go. Select your favorite pattern which exists only one piece in the world!

                 No.1                                      No.2                                    No.3                                        No.4                                         No.5

*Please note, colors shown in pictures may slightly differ from actual product due to lighting and color settings.


☆ Reborn Vintage Kimono Bow Tie


Pre-tied multi color bow tie with Adjustable Strap and a metal hock


No.1) bordeaux / dark green / moss green

No.2) purple / khaki

No.3) red / blue / black / white

No.4) reddish purple / blue-grey / dark blue - sold out

No.5) red / pink / navy / white 


material/Material... vintage kimono silk

size (approx.) / Größe (ca.)... Bow tie : L 12cm x W 5,5cm Neck : 26 - 40 cm

delivered in a wooden box (L15 x W9,5 x H 4cm) / Verpackung : original Holzkiste

* Dry-clean-only / Nur für Trockenreinigung


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Bow tie 1) dots on white
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