Incense "somei yoshino"

- The captivating scent of cherry blossoms heralds spring's arrival! -

*incense holder is not included.
*incense holder is not included.


The cherry blossom season passes in a blink of an eye, but the scent of Somei-Yoshino cherry are trapped in the incense. Savor the joy of spring time, when young and old alike feel the allure of the outdoors, with the sweet, gentle scent of cherry blossoms.


There are over one hundred cherry tree varieties in Japan. By far the most popular cherry tree variety today should be the particularly pretty Somei Yoshino.


contents:  40 pcs

A lovely natural cherry blossom twig is tied into the packaging.

In a wooden Box

Key Note: Cherry Blossom

The fragrance is soft and gentle, expresses the feeling of light pink petals dancing in the spring breeze. 

Somei Yoshino (Yoshino Cherry) そめい吉野

- Average blooming period in Tokyo: early April


Cultivated during the Edo Period in Tokyo, the Somei Yoshino is by far the most numerous cherry tree in Japan. Blooming before their green leaves even appear, these five-petaled cherry blossoms come with slightly pink, almost white. The name somei yoshino comes from a village market that existed during the late Edo era, where it is said that these flowers were first sold.


They can be seen throughout Japan, first blooming in late March in Kyushu and Shikoku, continuing with blooms that can be seen in early April in Tokyo, and as late as April in northern areas such as Aomori. 


Incense sticks "Somei Yoshino Cherry"

Short type Japanese incense sticks in a wooden box. Decorated with one natural cherry twig

Japanische Räucherstäbchen (short type) in einer Holzkiste. Verziert mit einem natürlichen Kirschzweig.


[ contents ]       40 incense sticks

[ Incense length ]   Approximately 6,5 cm                               

[ Burning time ]      Approximately 12 - 15 minutes

[ Material ]               Incense: Tabu wood, Perfume essence

                                  Package: wooden boxed, with a SAKURA branch  

[ Package size ]       7,5 cm x 10,5 cm x H.2,5 cm

Made in Japan



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You You Ang (悠々庵) comes from the Japanese words, “youyou-jiteki (悠々自適)” which means to act naturally without any restraints and to live with a relaxed feeling. It is for those who wish to take little of time to enjoy a moment with yourself, or to share with loved ones, with the belief that incense, “Makes time to clean your heart”. This incense series is for meditation, relaxation, and to uplift your spirit.


You You Ang’s incense continues to be produced in the birthplace of incense, Awaji Island. 

You You Ang (悠々庵) kommt von den japanischen Wörtern „youyou-jiteki  (悠々自適)“, was so viel bedeutet wie "sich natürlich verhalten" und "mit einem entspannten Gefühl leben". Es ist für diejenigen, die sich wenig Zeit nehmen möchten, um einen Moment mit sich selbst zu genießen oder mit ihren Lieben zu teilen, mit der Überzeugung, dass Räucherstäbchen „Zeit schaffen, um Ihr Herz zu reinigen“. Diese Räucherstäbchen-Serie dient zur Meditation, Entspannung und um Ihren Geist zu erheben.


You You Ang's Räucherstäbchen werden nach wie vor im Geburtsort des Räucherwerks, der Insel Awaji, hergestellt.