Weihnachtsgrüße von wafuu-honpo online shop


Liebe Kunden,
Wir wünschen Ihnen fröhliche Weihnachten und einen guten start ins neue Jahr!


Dear customers,
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

new item: Sake Glass with a MASU cup set



 Traditional Japanese seasonal designs on glassware and Masu cup, created with modern techniques and methods by ADERIA Co., Japan. While these exquisite pieces are practical, they elegantly decorate your table.


2 designs are available:

  A) 桜  SAKURA cherry blossoms: 

                Japan’s most representative flower in gold are inlayed on the glass.


 B) 雪兎 YUKI-USAGI snow rabbit:

                   Rabbits are playing with snow flakes. 


Restocking item: 112cm Furoshiki "Shōsō-in" treasure motif

112cm large size Furoshikis are in stock!


Inspired by Japanese treasures which stored in Shōsō-in (正倉院) located at Nara Prefecture.
In this time, “Enkyo (円鏡)” and “Souchomon (双鳥文)” to show on our online-shop.

112cm Furoshiki is ideal for a making bags, Table cloth, Interior decoration.


 go to shopping page ⇒ 112cm Furoshiki


* Enkyo (円鏡)                                                                                          * Souchomon (双鳥文) 

* Treasures Enkyo (円鏡)”, “Souchomon (双鳥文)” and "Shōsō-in (正倉院).  

new item: Magewappa Bento Box


new!!  Magewappa Bento Boxes ⇒ go to SHOP


"Magewappa" is a traditional craft made by bending very thin strips of Japanese cedar into functional objects, and is created as a container for grains and sake. The product is especially popular as a lunch box, because any excess moisture of rice or hot food is absorbed by the cedar wood to maintain an ideal humidity for the contents of the bento.
Also, the features of this type of bento box are the beautiful grain, color and pleasant aroma of the cedar and the classical design, making the Magewappa popular amongst all Japanese, regardless of age or gender.


Magewappa Bento Box "Classic"

included inner removable divider, it helps you to separate your food, and an elastic band to help keep the box together. 



Magewappa Bento Box "Slim 2-Tier" 

nest a set of boxes! Upper container will be placed inside the lower one to save space.
Includes a band to secure the containers and comes in gift box.

new item: TSUBAME Ice cream scooper -heat-conducting-


new!! ⇒ go to SHOP 

--- heat-conducting aluminum spoon --- 

Ice cream just taken out from the freezer is frozen hard and not an easy task to try to scoop out and to eat.
But, this Ice cream scooper may solve your frustration with a unique solution.

You don’t need to wait till your ice cream becomes softer!!

new item: Metallic straw - Metallstrohhalme


new!! ⇒ go to SHOP 

--- say good‐bye to plastic straws! --- 

new item: SENSU - folding fan - Handfächer


new!! SENSU ⇒ go to SHOP


It’s that time of the year when you may pass by homes or shops and see people cooling themselves with Japanese fans "SENSU". The folding hand fans are an essential accessory in summer!!


new item: pin cushions


new!! Pincushions ⇒ go to SHOP

Unique pincushions produced by HIRO Co., Ltd., a clothing company with over 85 years of experience in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. 


I. KUTANI PINCUSHION: pincushion set in a genuine Kutani sake cup

                ALL 3 MODEL                                 ☆ YOSHIDA ☆                            ☆ IIDAYA ☆                               ☆ KO-KUTANI ☆

II. FOLKTALE PINCUSHION: depicting a miniature world of Japanese folktale  

      ☆  ISSUNBŌSHI - The one inch knight


new item: Extra light Neck Towel




Innovative extra light weight cotton towel

specialized in the use for outdoor, fitness, Yoga, Gym, travel 


Features 1: water-absorbent

Features 2: quick-drying

Features 3: Compact, only 31 g of the weight!


Restocking items


Thank you for waiting, following items are restocked!


*"EDO KIRIKO" cut glass ⇒ SHOP




* Stuffed animals ⇒ SHOP




"OMEN" Japanese face mask  ⇒ SHOP



  new models came in additionally!

new products arrival information



New products has been just delivered to our office in Germany!
In this time, we offer you new Buyer's selection from "Tokyo gift show 2019 spring".

We will update the shop-page soon after product inspection and image shooting has done,

so please wait a while.
Also, lots of popular items are already restocked, please check it up on wafuu-honpo. online shop!




☟packed very carefully by shipper, transported in beautiful condition across the ocean ^ ^ 

new products arrival schedule


New products and restocking items are now flying from Japan for Germany.
We will inform you soon when they arrive. 

Happy Easter!

new item: Greeting cards - Grußkarten


new!! Greeting cards ⇒ go to SHOP


◆Origami doll greeting cards

Beautiful origami kimono dolls and crane display artistic skill and grace. This handmade Japanese art card bring a smile your recipient and will become a lovely decoration for them. The Dolls and Crane are finely crafted with Japanese Chiyogami (Yuzen) Paper using Origami technique, and fixed on the card.  

What is Japanese Chiyogami Paper?
Chiyogami, also known as Yuzen Washi Paper, is... more

◆Pop-up cards

Inspired by the Illustrated scroll books "Ocho-monogatari-Emaki", (王朝物語絵巻) written in the Heian dynasty, expressing a scene of epic romances from the tale with a pop-up card.

Represented a typical symbol of Kyoto "Torii and Maiko" on

a Pop-up card. The brilliant vermilion torii, or shrine gate all lined up is magnificent, and perhaps one of the most iconic view of Kyoto.

Keep in touch with your friends and family with our good quality card selection to show that you value them!

Restocking items


Thank you for waiting, following items are restocked now!


*ETO-chopsticks rests ⇒ SHOP                                                  * TATAMI sandals ⇒ SHOP                             


* Ikebana-plate ⇒ SHOP   


* 100cm Furoshiki "AquaDrop" ⇒ SHOP


*68-70㎝ reversible Furoshiki

              "SAME-KOMON" purple, red = SHOP                                                                                   "KIRARA" pink, green ⇒ SHOP



Liebe Kunden,

vom 8. bis 16. Februar 2019, wird unser Online-Shop geschlossen sein.

Alle Aufträge und Anfragen während dieser Zeit werden am 17. Februar 2019 umgehend bearbeitet.

Wir bitten um Verständnis.


Dear Customer,

From February 8, to 16, 2019, we will close our Online-Shop.

All your order and inquiries during this period will be proceeded on February 16, 2019.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by our absence. 




new item: KOKESHI new models


new kokeshis arrived!! ⇒ go to SHOP


new item: SENSU Japanese Folding Fan


扇子 SENSU, a Japanese Folding Fan with Ukiyo-e Hokusai motif. Eye-catching Japanese beautiful pattern is ideal for fashion accessories or decoration object. ⇒ go to SHOP


扇子 SENSU, ein japanischer Faltfächer mit Ukiyo-e-Hokusai-Motiv. Das auffällige japanische Muster ist ideal für Modeaccessoires oder Dekorationsobjekt. ⇒ go to SHOP

new item: MINI BYOBU - Japanese folding screen -

We are introducing you the luxurious tabletop Byōbu screen in 3 models as a new item!
They are miniaturized works from masterpieces of Japanese art. These Byōbu screens are made in Kyoto from quality Japanese  paper and fine foil. Enjoy displaying your collections of toys, kokeshis or tea utensils by using this small folding screen as ideal background. ⇒ go to shop


Luxuriösen Byobu-Bildschirm in 3 Modellen, ganz Neuheit!

Es handelt sich um miniaturisierte Werke aus Meisterwerken japanischer Kunst. Diese Byōbu-Faltscreen werden aus japanischem Qualitätspapier und Feinfolien in Kyoto hergestellt. Genießen Sie die Präsentation Ihrer Spielzeugkollektionen, Kokeshi-Puppen oder Tee-Utensilien, indem Sie diesen kleinen Klappbaren Byobu als idealen Hintergrund verwenden. ⇒ go to Shop


"The Summer battle of Osaka"
2-panel folding screens 
140 x 270 mm

"Irises, Ogata Korin" 
4-panel folding screens   
235 x 470 mm

"Flowers and Birds of Autumn"   
6-panel folding screens 
140 x 370 mm

new item: DARUMA doll, 23 cm

Traditional limbless papier mâché "Daruma" dolls, approx. 23 cm in height come newly online-shop!

This popular Japanese good luck charms are from Takasaki-city, which produced the most daruma dolls in Japan.

Check our new Classic Red Daruma Doll  ⇒ go to shop


Traditionelle, Papiermaché "Daruma" Hohe von ca. 23 cm,  in unseren Online-Shop neu erhältlich!
Diese beliebten japanischen Glücksbringer stammen aus Takasaki-Stadt, wo die meisten Daruma-Puppen in Japan hergestellt wurden.
Schauen Sie sich unsere neue klassische Red Daruma Doll an ⇒ go to shop


Restocking: KUTANI cups



go to shop ⇒ KUTANI-YAKI cups


Happy New Year!


May your 2019 be filled with love and happiness!



Wir möchten Ihnen ganz von Herzen ein glückliches und schönes Jahr 2019 wünschen!



2019 is year of the BOAR (pig)!

Years of the Boar include 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995 and  2007.

The Boar occupies the 12th position in the zodiac, after the Dog, and before the Rat.