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◆Origami doll greeting cards

Beautiful origami kimono dolls and crane display artistic skill and grace. This handmade Japanese art card bring a smile your recipient and will become a lovely decoration for them. The Dolls and Crane are finely crafted with Japanese Chiyogami (Yuzen) Paper using Origami technique, and fixed on the card.  

What is Japanese Chiyogami Paper?
Chiyogami, also known as Yuzen Washi Paper, is... more

◆Pop-up cards

Inspired by the Illustrated scroll books "Ocho-monogatari-Emaki", (王朝物語絵巻) written in the Heian dynasty, expressing a scene of epic romances from the tale with a pop-up card.

Represented a typical symbol of Kyoto "Torii and Maiko" on

a Pop-up card. The brilliant vermilion torii, or shrine gate all lined up is magnificent, and perhaps one of the most iconic view of Kyoto.

Keep in touch with your friends and family with our good quality card selection to show that you value them!