Incense sET "ichi-rin-koh"

- Send your message with incense fragrance! -

Anyone and everyone always like to send flowers with a message card to loved ones to convey their casual feelings, gratitude and blessings.

We are glad to introduce a novel and cute set of greeting card that seems like a lovely single flower in a glass bottle! The card has an elegant flower illustration and incense in a glass cylinder so you can enjoy the fragrance of the flower, instead of fresh flowers.

SET includes of 8 short incense sticks, an incense stick stand, a message card, and an envelope.


A delicate single flower is printed on the front of the message card. The inside of the card is plain, so you can write your message freely. The ultimate gift is complete with the included envelope!


Also, this product comes with a small round glass incense holder, so recipient can easily enjoy the fragrance of incense right after delivery. 




🔸3 variation


"Thank you"



meaning : "as gratitude for..." 

                   "Mit Dankbarkeit..."



meaning: "Let's meet again!"

                  "Sehen uns wieder!"

☆Incense message card "Ichi-Rin-Koh"

Short type Japanese incense sticks in a glass cylinder. 

Japanische Räucherstäbchen (short type) in einem Glaszylinder.



No. 1) Poppy, red: "Thank you"

No. 2) Calla lily, green: "感謝をこめて" (With gratitude...) 

No. 3) Hydrangea, blue: "また会いましょう" (See you soon again!)


[ SET contents ]

    8 sticks incense sticks / Message card / Incense stick stand / envelope


[ Incense length ]   Approximately 7 cm

[ Burning time ]      Approximately 12 minutes

[ material ]              Incense stick: Tabu wood, perfume essence

                                 Holder, Cylinder: Glas

[ Fragrance ]           essence inspired by the image of each flower

                                 Duftessenz inspiriert durch das jeder Blume 

[ Envelope size ]     L. 22 cm x W. 11 cm

[ package size ]       L. 7 cm x W. 21 cm x H. 1,5 cm

[ Brand ]                   YOU YOU ANG 悠々庵

Made in Japan


* Please understand: The color of the incense holder is varies, cannot be specified.

* Bitte haben Sie Verständnis: Die Farbe des Räucherstäbchenhalters variiert, kann nicht angegeben werden.



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Please ensure careful and safe use.



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