SEKI family is very famous and traditional sword smiter in Japan.

Especially SEKI MAGOROKU, Kanemoto and Shizu Saburo Kaneuji who are too famous to mention

and had more than 300 sword smiters when sword smithing flourished.


SEKI MAGOROKU made many worshipped swords, KATANA and

Swords of SEKI were cherished by Samurai commanders as superb swords boasting of

such excellent practicability as not to be broken nor bent and cut well to add to their high artistic quality.


Big territorial loads (DAIMYO), TAKEDA, TOYOTOMI or MAEDA in 16th century had of course SEKI Swords. 

His workmanship is a legend and people said that the KATANA made by SEKI MAGOROKU has an own soul. 

The origin of SEKI smithing dates back about 700 years ago in KAMAKURA ara.



sekimagoroku nailcutter nagelknipser
kai co.
produced by KAI





A super nail clipper with the name of fabled sword sharpener, SEKI MAGOROKU family made by company KAI, Japan who is world's famous manufacturer of HO-CHOU, Japanese kitchen knife.