🔸68 cm Chirimen Furoshiki

      * Soft Rayon CHIRIMEN Crape Textile


Chirimen- also known as silk crape - is a form of textile made of flat-woven silk. Chirimen is manufactured in a unique fashion. First, the base cloth is made by alternately weaving the warp, which uses untwisted raw silk, and the weft, which uses raw silk twisted about 3,000 times per meter.

The silk yarn is then compressed during the refinement process, which results in the untwisting of the weft, bringing a pattern of fine, bumpy-textured grains to the surface. Thus Chirimen textile is born.


Chirimen silk is a traditionally used for high-class kimono and Furoshiki. However, recently chirimen traditional technique has been adapted to take advantage of modern material such as rayon which makes this beautiful fabric more accessible while style remaining unique texture. 


* Warning:

     Rayon fabric will shrink by wash.

     Don't wash, Dry-cleaning only.

     Ironing: Low - Medium heat (steam off)

☆Chirimen Furoshiki -Hana-Mari Usagi-


motif....... "Hana Mari Usagi" (flower ball and rabbit)

This pink based Chirimen Furoshiki is brilliantly described in rabbits dancing among the flower balls. Jumping rabbit pattern means fortunate in Japan. It's a celebration of life, a success in life and brings you spring feeling.
Useful for everyday use and also ideal for a celebration gifts for lady.

This motif is often used for cups, plates or any other Japanese goods and also Kimonos.


color/Farbe....... Pink

motif/Motiv...... Hana-Mari (Flower-ball), rabbit / Hana-Mari (Blumen-Bällchen), Hase

size/Größe........ 68 x 68 cm, ca. 90 g

material/Material... 100 % Viskose (chirimen fabric) 

* Dry-cleaning only / Nur für Trockenreinigung

furoshiki Hana-Mari Usagi

21,80 €

  • Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage *1 / Ships within 1-3 working days *1

☆Chirimen Furoshiki -Nami ni Chidori-


motif....... "Nami ni Chidori" (Plover on the ocean wave)

"Chidori" (Plover in English) are always depicted in a stylized and abstract motif, appearing rather “cute”. It is a happy and auspicious symbol. Because plovers always fly in pairs, the motif of a plover is used for celebratory occasions. Combining with the motif of the ocean waves represents life's various challenges; you, like a Chidori, will overcome life's waves.

These motifs are often used for cups, plates or any Japanese goods and also Kimonos.


color/Farbe....... Aqua-blue base

size/Größe......... 68cm x 68cm, ca. 90g

material/Material... Viskose (rayon-chirimen fabric) 

*Dry-cleaning only / Nur für Trockenreinigung  

Chirimen Furoshiki "Nami-ni-Chidori"

21,80 €

  • Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage *1 / Ships within 1-3 working days *1