Tatami PAD

Tatami is the traditional Japanese floor matt, made of igusa (rush grass) and rice straw.
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Tatamis sind Reisstrohmatten, die in Japan traditionell als Bodenbelag in Wohnräumen und Tempeln verwendet ist. ⇒ über TATAMI


The latest addition to the Tatami pad series are mini-sized tatami mats perfect to display together with your favorite doll, vase, ikebana, tee utensils. Even though the mats are miniaturized down, bringing the unique texture of tatami mats into your world! The tatami mats are available in beige, green, and black variations, allowing you to choose the color that better suits your collection!

☆ Tatami pad mini -Hanadai-


Tatami pad HANADAI mini, made of tatami fiber and framed with beautiful cloth for reinforcement.
Ideal to a mat for tea bowl, Ikebana, Kokeshi, Bonsai, or other decorative objects.  4 models are available.


variation... Nr. 1) green-A (green x blue edge) 

                    Nr. 2) green-B (green - fine mesh x blue edge)

                    Nr. 3) plaid-green (beige x green edge)

                    Nr. 4) plaid-pink (Yellowish beige x pink edge)

material….. Polyethylene, wood pulp, felt

size............. L. 14 x W. 12 x  H. 1,5 cm

weight........ 80 g

made in Japan
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14,80 €

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● Material of TATAMI 

Tatami made of igusa (rush grass) and rice straw is the traditional Japanese floor material, beautiful but weak if not used carefully.
Nowadays, many of Tatami items are made of innovative material from a resin or washi paper.
The Washi Tatami Sheets, made of Japanese paper, are much stronger, scratch-resistant, better in lightfastness, water-repellent and available in different colors and weaving patterns. Washi tatami sheets make it possible to bring the aesthetics of tatami into wall panels, upholstery, carpets and mats, while still using natural materials. Washi Tatami Sheet is made of Japanese paper and cotton.

◆ TATAMI PAD consisting of Tea-Leaves

Hight-Quality Japanese TATAMI PAD 

innovative and eco-friendly flooring material -


"NEW TATAMI PAD " made from a board consisting of 

used tea-leaves. With tea-leaves playing such a constituent part,

the deodorization and antibacterial effect of catechin  gives spaces a fresh feel.


Decorate tastefully for Art, Doll, Photography, Tea utensils,

Bonsai, Flower Pot... etc.

in your home, office, exhibition showcase, store display... etc.

 Hochwertige japanisches "TATAMI PAD "

- Innovative und umweltfreundliche Unterlagenmaterial -


Diese „NEW" TATAMI PAD beinhaltet einen Schicht aus

getrockneten Tee-Blättern. (Es ist bekannt, dass dieTeeblätter eine desodorierende Wirkung hat.)


Sie können als Unterlage für Kunstobjekt, Puppe, Fotografie,

Tee Geschirr, Bonsai, Blumentopf ... etc verwenden.

Dekorieren Sie geschmackvoll zu Hause, im Büro, Ausstellung,

Schaufenster, Shop-Display... 

* anti-slip rubber sheet on the bottom

* tea-leaves blended board is in the inside of layer 

☆ TATAMI PAD Tea leaves (small) ☆


material… Washi Tatami sheet, Tealeaf blending board (JIS A5905 fiber Tatami board), rubber   

size (approx.)...  L 30 cm x W 12,5 cm x H 2 cm, 230 g


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18,80 €

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☆ TATAMI PAD Tea leaves (big) ☆


material... Washi tatami sheet, Tealeaf blending board (JIS A5905 fiber Tatami board), rubber

size (approx.)...  L 30 cm x W 30 cm x H 1,5 cm,  470 g


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33,80 €

Manufacturer : KITAICHI, Chiba/Japan