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🔸 Yutaka "Yakishime Kyo-painting" 200 ml -  都築豊

【 Product Type: Kyusu 急須, Tokoname ware 】

Yakishime kyusu with Kyo-painting

by Tsuzuki Yutaka


This kyusu is the result of the fusion of two artistic ceramic techniques of Tokoname and Kyoto.


The body of the kyusu, spout, handle and lid. ...... All are made on a potter's wheel using original clay from Tokoname, a famous kyusu production area, to create the beautiful form of the kyusu. This Yakishime kyusu is then beautifully painted and finished using traditional Kyoto techniques, making it a completely handmade, top-quality product that cannot be seen anywhere else.


After moulding and firing, only the lid is glazed white and fired once. Next, red and gold knotted strings are painted using the Kyoto overglaze painting technique and fired more.


The surface is smooth and has an elegant sheen. The beautiful form is a style unique to Yutaka. The design of the knotted cord originates from a firm bond and is considered very auspicious and is recommended as a gift.

Yakishime kyusu mit kyo-Malerei
by Tsuzuki Yutaka


Dieses Kyusu kombiniert zwei künstlerische Keramiktechniken aus Tokoname und Kyoto.


Der Körper des Kyusu, Ausguss, Griff und Deckel .......... Alle werden auf einer Töpferscheibe aus Original-Ton aus Tokoname, einem berühmten Kyusu-Produktionsgebiet, hergestellt, um die schöne Form des Kyusu zu erhalten. Das Kyusu wird dann mit traditionellen Kyoto-Stil wunderschön bemalt und fertiggestellt, so dass es ein vollständig handgefertigtes Spitzenprodukt ist, das nirgendwo sonst zu finden ist.


Nach dem Gießen und Brennen wird nur der Deckel weiß glasiert und einmal gebrannt. Anschließend werden rote und goldene Knotenschnüre mit der Kyoto-Aufglasurtechnik bemalt und erneut gebrannt.


Die Oberfläche ist glatt und hat einen eleganten Schimmer. Seine schöne Form ist ein einzigartiger Stil von Yutaka. Das Design der geknoteten Kordel entstammt einer festen Bindung und gilt als äußerst glücksverheißend und wird als Geschenk empfohlen.


1) Each Kyusu is unique and painstakingly handcrafted. With artist stamp. 

2) The Kyusu has a built-in ceramic strainer, made in the Tokoname-yaki tradition. 

3) Hand-painted beautiful motif in Kyoto style on the lid.

4) For 180 ml in volume, the perfect size for brewing a cup of tea, making it a perfect gift.

5) Using Tokoname's red natural clay (Japanese: Shudei 朱泥) particularly enriched with natural iron-oxide.

* It is said that any astringency and bitterness found in Japanese green teas are adjusted by the reaction of the iron contained in Tokoname ware's red mud with the tannin of the tea, resulting in a delicious and mellow taste.


☆Yutaka "yakishime kyusu mit Kyo-painting" 200 ml

【 volume / Volume (ca.) 】 

       200 ml

【 size (approx.) / Maße (ca.) 】

      Dia. 9,5 cm (excl. handle and spout / Durchmesser ohne Griff, Ausguss)

      H. 5,8 cm (excl. lid / Höhe ohne Deckel)

【 weight (approx.) / Gewicht (ca.) 】

       190 g

【 material / Material 】     

       Ceramic (Pottery) / Keramik (Töpferei) - Tokoname ware 

【 Artist 】

       Tsuzuki Yutaka 

【 origin / Herkunft 】   

        Aichi, Japan

【 packaging / Verpackung 】

        original Karton


* Please handwash to clean your kyusu.

* Do not use this teapot in the microwave or dishwasher. 


* Bitte reinigen Sie Ihren Kyusu mit der Hand.

* Verwenden Sie diesen Kyusu nicht in der Mikrowelle oder Spülmaschine. 

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About the artists


Tsuzuki Yutaka (都 築 豊), founder and traditional craftsman of the Daikoji Kiln (大 興 寺 窯), was born in Tokoname as the son of Tsuzuki Seiho (都 築 青 峰), a nationally renowned potter. While studying under his father, who ran own Kiln in Tokoname, he also studied pottery in Kyoto, where he was learnt the art from many different angles.


He produces first-rate kyusu (teapots) that combine the precision of Tokoname ware with the delicacy, beauty and elegance of Kyoto's Kiyomizu ware. Glimpses of Kyo-yaki techniques and style can be seen throughout his work, tools and rokuro-Potters wheel.


The teapots fired by Yutaka are then passed on to his wife, Tsuzuki Kako (都 築 佳 子), a ceramic painter, who finished them in a beautiful Kyoto style. She originally studied Japanese painting in Kyoto and was renowned for the elegant composition of her kyo-yaki tea bowls.


Together, they create one-of-a-kind kyusu teapots that add colour to everyday life.

🔸常滑焼 TOKONAME-YAKI -  A tradition of quality

Tokoname (常滑) is located near Chubu International Airport in southern Nagoya, Aichi Prefcture. High quality earthenware has been produced here since the 12th century, and still now, Tokoname is a center of pottery production in Japan.


Tokoname is one of Japan's six most important ancient kiln towns - the others are Bizen (備前), Echizen (越前), Seto (瀬戸), Shigaraki (信楽) and Tanba (丹波) - had the largest output of ceramics of any kiln town in the Edo Period (1600-1868). 


In particular, Tokoname used to be the main production site for ceramic water pipes. In modern times, it is known around the world for its ornaments such as tea sets and beckoning cats.