The Look and Feel of a fine woven fabric, but made of Easy to clean and Long lasting Synthetic Material.

* The Placemat simulates the texture of woven fabric!

The newest, a Japanese-style placemat made of innovateve soft resin material protects your table from scratches and

keeps dishes in place. These have a water-shedding surface, stain-registant products and can easily be wiped clean.


Motifs are traditional pattern designed contemporary style;

"華紋" KAMON (flower crest) in red / "箸" HASHI (chopsticks)  in beige and green are available on our Shop.



Japanese, Western and Asian cuisines fit nicely to these Placemats.

   HASHI beige                                                                                                                                                                              HASHI green                                               KAMON red


Please note, color of the image might be slightly different by the brightness your monitor.

☆ Place mat ☆

- Textile-looking silicone elastomer placemats! -

It just looks like a fine woven fabric! But made of easy to clean and long lasting synthetic materials. These soft, synthetic placemat are made with innovative material. They protect your tables from scratches and keep dishes in place. Easy to clean, just wipe with a wet cloth. But, do not put into your dishwasher.


Color & Motif...

       beige - HASHI (Chopsticks) - SOLD OUT

       green - HASHI (Chopsticks)

        red - KAMON (flower crest) - SOLD OUT


material... Elastomer silicone

weight... ca.350g

size... ca.L480 x W297 x H2,5mm


*Spülmaschinen nicht geeignet

*Temperatur Verträglich bis + 70℃


*select a color

Place mat
21,00 €

10,00 €

  • Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage *1 / Shipping 2-3 working days *1

* Warning *

・Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent discoloration

・Don't put close to fire

・Not suitable for dishwasher



・Vor direkter Sonneneinstrahlung schützen, um Verfärbungen zu vermeiden.
・Legen Sie es von Feuer fernhalten.
・Spüllmaschinen nicht geeignet.