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🔸Kyoto series Pop-up card

No.1 Ōcho-Monogatari Emaki

Inspired by the Illustrated scroll books "Ocho-monogatari-Emaki", written in the Heian dynasty, expressing a scene of epic romances from the tale with a pop-up card.


No.2 Kyo-Maiko

Represented a typical symbol of Kyoto "Torii and Maiko" on a Pop-up card. The brilliant vermilion torii, or shrine gate all lined up is magnificent, and perhaps one of the most iconic view of Kyoto.

[Paper type]  Matte, multicolored, uncoated

[Inside paper]  blank, with watermark of Japanese folding fan  

[manufacturer]  Fukui Asahi-do Co., Kyoto

White envelope included

made in Kyoto/Japan

[Papiersorte]  Matt, mehrfarbig, unbeschichtet
[Innenblatt]  unbedruckt, mit Wasserzeichen des japanischen Handfächers

[Hersteller]  Fukui Asahi-do Co., Kyoto

Weißer Umschlag enthalten

Hergestellt in Kyoto/Japan

☆Pop Up Card

◆Multiple use card (inside blank)◆


[Dimension (approx.)]

Card........... L 177 mm x W 115 mm

Envelope..... L 185 mm x W 120 mm


Pop Up card

5,50 €

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