cut glass "Edo-KIRIKO"

EDO KIRIKO cut glass

Sparkles and glint glassware "Kiriko", is a Japanese traditional handcraft. “Kiriko” means “faceted” in Japanese, and refers to the multitude of decorative patterns that are engraved on the glass surface using grindstones and other tools. Its unique hand-cutting delicate patterns produce stunning reflections of light, depending on the angle of both the light and the viewer’s gaze. Examples can be appreciated in sake glasses, vases and traditional glass ornaments.


"Edo Kiriko" was firstly developed in 1834 by "Kyubei Kagaya", the master of glass store in Edo (former Tokyo). Since then, its glass cutting technique has inherited over years. Now, this 180-year-old craft tradition is designated by the Japanese government as the traditional craftwork. It is very popular both in Japan and abroad as a gift symbolizing Japanese culture. 

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"Guinomi" 90 ml (red/blue)

"Shot glass" 110 ml (red/blue)




"SAKE Glass" 70 ml (Pair)


Shot glass 80 ml (Pair)




"Guinomi" Rabbits & Moon 90 ml (purple)