Incense SET "setsugekka"

- Incense with a touch of Japonisme! -


The "SETSUGEKKA" series is a set of a simple incense stand and incense sticks with a scent inspired by "Snow, Moon and Flowers", the motif which is often use in Japanese painting and expresses beauty of four seasons. 

Treasured in a beautiful paulownia box. 

Both incense and incense stand are made in Japan.


The original of the poetic Japanese painting "Snow, Moon, Flower" on the package comes from a hanging scroll trilogy by "Sakai Hoitsu", who is known as the patriarch of the Edo Rinpa school. The masterpiece of the three paintings are currently in the collection of the MOA Museum of Art in Shizuoka Prefecture.




🔸3 variation

No.1) 花 HANA - Flower 

■ refreshing scent inspired by snow

No.2) 月 TSUKI - Moon

■ mellow scent inspired by the moon

No.3) 雪 YUKI - Snow

■ scent inspired by the refined and graceful japanese cherry blossoms.

Incense set "SETSUGEKKA"

Short type Japanese incense sticks with a holder in a wooden box. 

Japanische Räucherstäbchen (short type) mit einem Halter in einer Holzkiste.



No. 1) HANA flower, rose

No. 2) TSUKI moon, beige

No. 3) YUKI snow, blue  - SOLD OUT


[ SET contents ]

    30 sticks incense and a holder

[ Incense length ]   Approximately 7 cm                               

[ Burning time ]      Approximately 12 - 15 minutes

[ Material ]               Incense: Tabu wood, Perfume essence

                                  Holder: Tin and lead alloy

                                  Package: Paulownia wood  

[ Package size ]       L. 7,5 cm x W. 13,8 cm x H. 2,2 cm

[ Brand ]                   YOU YOU ANG 悠々庵

Made in Japan



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🄫 Collection of MOA Museum of Art
🄫 Collection of MOA Museum of Art


"The snow, the moon and the flowers" by Sakai Hoitsu

Collection of MOA Museum of Art at Shizuoka

Edo period (1820)

Set of three hanging scrolls, color on silk

Size: 91.4 cm × 35.1 cm each


< explanation by MOA museum >

"The snow, the moon and the flowers are the three motifs representing the seasonal pleasures in Japan.

Hōitsu composed the triad as one whole unit, thinking of the overall composition when three paintings are juxtaposed. Therefore he placed the snow and pine trees on the top, the moon in the clouds in the middle, and the cherry blossoms at the bottom of each screen. Hōitsu was a painter, poet, and researcher of the Rimpa School, but this work is a superb manifestation of Hōitsu’s prestige as a designer. This triad beautifully painted with selected pigments, is one of Hōitsu’s masterpieces, completed when he was 60 years old." 


Please ensure careful and safe use.



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