🔸70 cm Reversible KOMON

KOMON is one of the Japanese traditional pattern, small design printing for Kimono.

SAME-KOMON (= sharkskin-Komon) patterned fabric was used for Kamishimo, a type of Kimono which was formal wear of Samurai warrior in Edo period during the 17th to 19th century.  



Reversible FUROSHIKI with different colors on both sides. There is a SAME - KOMON pattern which is a traditional Japanese petite pattern of kimono on one side. A small cherry blossom pattern spreads on the other side.


color/Farbe............. red-orange

                                   blue-violet - sold out


size/Größe.............. 70 x 70 cm

material/Material... 100% polyester

made in Japan

*machine washable / Maschinenwaschbar


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furoshiki KOMON

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