NANBU cast iron Teapot/ Gusseisen Teekanne

nanbu castiron colorpot

 "Nanbu cast ironware" (or also called as "Nanbu Tekki") is the traditional crafts of Iwate, Morioka-Pref. in Japan.

The most traditional 'Black' Nanbu ironware is really attractive, but we offer you the colored Nanbu iron teapot in this time!

(Nanbu Tekki with delicate pastel color is very new and rare.)

Such a colorful ware will make your teatime more glamorous and rich.

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Oigen co.

Manufacture : OIGEN, Iwate/Japan


The Colored cast iron Teapot is skilfully made at the renowned OIGEN casting works in Japan.

Only cast ironware from Morioka City, Mizusawa and Oshu city is allowed

to carry the title of "Nanbu Tekki" (=Nanbu Cast ironware).

Oigen has been given the certification of Nanbu Tekki and are custodians in ensuring

this traditional art is kept alive.

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☆ NANBU cast iron colored Teapot -pink-blue-green -☆


Fine quality & lovely looking egg-shaped colored cast iron Teapot with

a removable stainless steel basket (tea strainer).

Inside is enamel coated, which prevents the formation of rust.

The lacquered finish in color.

*coloring process : after spraying a color to the ironweare, wipe with

  a cloth one by one carefully by craftsman.

*Handle can be stored. 

*Package: original gift box


material... Teapot: cast iron / Gusseisen

                   tea strainer: Stainless-steel

weight...... approx. 1,1 kg

size............ approx. L. 12cm x W. 15,5 cm x H. 16,5cm

capacity... approx. 0,55 L

↓ select color...

 (*Black is not available on our Shop.)

NANBU Teapot

59,00 €

  • Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage *1 / Shipping 2-3 working days *1


Please note that this product is the lacquered finish and is designed to fade and patinate over time in an attractive way.

Please do not use detergents, grease or salt, and do not rub the product to clean it, as we cannot guarantee the finish if you do these things.


Do not apply to fire directly.

- Do not use dishwasher, induction heating, microwave and oven.

- Do not put hot teapot directly on the table, please use a coaster.  

- Inside   : Wash gently by using a cloth or soft sponge with warm water.

                  Don't use a nylon scrub brush or steel wool.

- Outside : In order to avoid losing color, do not wash with detergents and cleansers,

                   it is recommended to wash lightly with water.

- After washing with water, wipe the moisture gently with dry cloth.





☆ cast iron Teapot stand☆


Bamboo leaf formed cast iron Teapot stand.


Caster and Designer... Hisanori Masuda by Chushin Kobo


color........ iron black

material... cast iron

weight..... approx. 205 g

size........... approx. 13,5 x 13,5 x H.1,5cm

Cast Iron Teapot Stand

30,00 €

Manufacture's information

"Chushin Kobo", a Japanese traditional casting iron workshop, was founded in 1997 in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan.

They produces a number of craft around tea uttensils and propose Japanese traditional items to fit modern lifestyle.