【 Bordeaux 350ml 2pcs, Wooden Boxed 】

🔸The ultimate super-thin glass

Less than 1mm thinness

A pair of hand-blown glasses called “USUHARI” in wooden box. 

At the first glance, these seem like any normal glass but, they are made with super thin glass all around. "Usu (薄)" meaning thin and "Hari (玻璃)" meaning glass, literally the glasses are exceptionally thin at 0,9 mm. Once the usuhari glass in your hand, and you’ll be surprised how light it is. 


The feel of it in your hands, the sound the ice makes when it swirls in the cup and how fine the rim is are all exquisite and unique to this glass alone. 




Even thinner and tastier

The remarkably thin glass allows you to enjoy the delicate taste of the beverage, with minimal interference. They express the original color of beverages in superior clarity to enhance the taste experience. 


Great for medium to heavy bodied red wine, and also usuhari glasses are suitable as your every day water glasses & also for beer/cocktails. *These appear to be extremely delicate but they can be handled with usual care as other glassware. 

🔸A Gift from the Glass Lightbulb

The "usuhari glass" series is based on the knowledge gained from making the glass for the electric light bulb. The Tokyo-located manufacturer "SHOTOKU" began blown light bulbs in 1922 and have applied their techniques to create these fine glasses. 


This super-thin Usuhari glasses can be hand-blown by only a limited number of the skilled artisans in Shotoku. Creating this sophisticated shape requires very high skills and long experience. Some of their artisans are accredited as the Contemporary Master Artisan of Japan.

Photo © Shotoku Glass

🔸Material & Process

Photo © Shotoku Glass
Photo © Shotoku Glass

Lead-Free Glass

The main component of the glass is "high silica," the highest grade of silica with extremely high purity and transparency, which is also used for optical lenses. Barium is also added, in place of lead, to provide a truly lightweight crystal with an elevated brilliance.


Manufacturing Process

All Shotoku glasses are made using the method of mold-blowing: blowing air into molten glass and using metal molds to create products of the same shape. 




Gathering a small ball of molten glass


Blowing into the shape


Slow cooling down and inspection


Burning off, so called cracking off


Sanding off and polishing


Reheating of the rim to smooth the edges

Photo © Shotoku Glass

☆ Wine Glass “USUHARI” [ SET OF 2 - Wooden Boxed]

Ein Paar ultradünne Trinkgläser "USUHARI" von Shotoku Glass, Tokio.

Jedes Glas wird von erfahrenen Handwerkern mit einer Glasbläsertechnik handgefertigt.  

Auf den ersten Blick sieht es aus wie ein gewöhnliches Glas, ist aber mit 0,9 mm sehr dünn. "USU" bedeutet "dünn" und "HARI" bedeutet "Glas" auf Japanisch. 

Geeignet für Wein, Bier, Sake Shochu und kalten grünen Tee usw. 

*Bleifreies Glas. / *Verpackt in einem schönen Holzkästchen. 


[Contents ]  2 glasses

[ capacity ]   ca. 350 ml

[ Size ]           Φ 66 mm at the rim, Height 90 mm

[ Material ]    Lead-free Glass 

[ package / Verpackung ]    Wood Boxed 

[ Brand ]        SHOTOKU GLASS

[ Country of manufacture/ Hergestellt ]  in Tokyo, Japan



* Mikrowelle und Spülmaschinen nicht geeignet. 

* Bitte kein kochendes Wasser einfüllen.

* Da das Glas handgefertigt ist, kann jede Größe und jedes Muster leicht variieren.



* Microwave oven and dishwasher not safe. 

* Do not put boiling water. 

* As the glass is handmade, each size and pattern may vary slightly.


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about manufacturer

Photo © Shotoku Glass

History of Shotoku Glass

Established as a manufacturer of light bulbs in 1922, Shotoku Glass were originally renowned for their niche technique in mouth-blown glass. As the light bulb industry automated, Shotoku Glass shifted to manufacturing glassware, concentrating on the production of mouth-blown glasses of several thousand kinds. Shotoku Glass is most known in Japan for their “Edo glass” – a small beer glass that is admired for its handiness and delicate strength, earning a high reputation with top restaurants and the hospitality industry. With a long and rich experience in mouth-blown glasses, Shotoku Glass has succeeded in creating an ideal series of very thin glassware.