"Tera-Zabu" PC carrying case

- carrying soft case for 13 inch notebook PC, made with jacquard brocade

 incorporated lamé threads to create a unique, sparkling world. -

* Important reminder *

Tera-Zabu PC carrying case is designed specifically for "MacBook Pro 13 inch". Please make sure that

your PC is suitable size before you place an order.


In Japan, gorgeous brocade fabric had been used in temple as for Buddhist priest robes, temple tapestries,

traditional court costume and "zabuton"The « zabuton » is a floor cushion used for all purpose by Japanese people in their everyday lives. Monks in shrines use them for their meditation sessions, you will also find them during sumo wrestling matches because the audience is sitting on them or you can simply used them at home.


Now, a Japanese young designer collaborated with a long-established textile manufacturer to create the innovative product “TERA-ZABU PC CASE”. (TERA = temple, ZABU = zabuton).

These PC carrying case are made true to the tradition, and is also adapted for greater stability and comfort.

Available in two colors of noble purple and glossy vermillion-red.


processing of Jacquard Brocade

Richly traditional Chrysanthemum pattern, are woven on the Jacquard weaving technique using brilliant lamé threads.

  Brocading: brocade or other jacquard weaves with the inclusion of gold or silver coloured threads.

It is also called Imperial Brocade. In addition to beauty, the brocade offer strength.

These exquisitely beautiful, yet modern, durable textiles are suitable for such luxury products

as accessories, furniture and seating applications as well as architectural interiors.

* Jacquard looms at the Manufacturer of Brocade fabric, Yamanashi, Japan

* right: a punch card in use on a Jacquard loom 

The manufacturer still weaves traditional brocade textile, mainly for the major Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines throughout the country. Today, they use a mix of traditional and modern weaving techniques to create the finest brocades as possible.


finishing PC case

Sewing process into finished products are taken by a skilled craftsman.

The reverse side is covered with a "Neoprene", which material has a features of a soft, flexible and durable synthetic sponge rubber.


Gorgeous jacquard brocade carrying soft case for MacBook Pro 13inch PC.

Glitter with lamé threads waved in the fabric. Chrysanthemum and leaf patterns

on ground. The reverse side is covered with "Neoprene", a soft, flexible and

durable synthetic sponge rubber to protect your PC.

Made in Japan


material outside... Polyester, lamé threads waved in it

                inside...... Neoprene

size (approx.) ........ length 33cm x width 23 cm, thickness 2 cm, weight 240 g

color........................ vermillion-red or purple

* select a color↓


79,80 €

  • Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage *1 / Shipping 2-3 working days *1



1. suitable PC size for this case; 

       length : smaller than 32 cm

          width : smaller than 23 cm

          thickness : smaller than 2 cm

     Please make sure the dimension before you place an order.


2. Colors shown in pictures may slightly differ from actual product due to lighting and  color settings.