🔸48 cm COCHAE

It is a very unique and cute furoshiki. You can enjoy multiple patterns from a single furoshiki.

Three types are available: "Tokyo", "Kyoto", and "Maneki-neko"


The Local Series "Tokyo" and "Kyoto" are fun furoshiki covered with four large main motifs arranged in the corners and smaller related motifs scattered in the background.


The lucky cat "Maneki-neko" furoshiki is decorated with four different types of cats. 

One is the most standard and classic, the Tokoname Manekineko. The other three are based on papier-mache dolls, a traditional craft of Kanazawa, Tama, and Takasaki. Enjoy the different expressions of each of the four cats!

Art.No.1) TOKYO 

color: Salmon Pink   

A fun furoshiki covered with Tokyo's famous sights, specialties and products such as Panda, Sensoji-temple, crowded train and the Tokyo Tower. Around these main themes, lots of other Tokyo-related items are sprinkled and laid out on the furoshiki.

Art.No.2) KYOTO

color: Light blue

Four main motifs that symbolize the historic city of Kyoto are placed in the four corners; the five-storied pagoda, the summer tradition of "Gozan no Okuribi Ritual Fires",  the popular Inari Shrine and Maiko.  It is a gorgeous piece filled by many traditional cultures and crafts.


color: Red & White

Decorated with "maneki-neko", which are said to bring a lot of happiness. Each of the four cats has a different expression. Besides the standard one, traditional and regional Manekinekos from Kanazawa, Tama and Takasaki paper dolls are motif on the furoshiki.

☆ 48cm COCHAE


 Variation: No.1) "Tokyo" (color: salmon pink)
                   No.2) "Kyoto" (color: light blue)

                   No.3) "Maneki-Neko" (color: red&white)


size/Größe.............. 48 x 48 cm

material/Material... cotton / Baumwolle

made in Japan 

care/Pflege............. hand-washing / Handwäsche


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12,80 €

  • Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage *1 / Shipping 2-3 working days *1

*Care information: Hand Wash below 40℃, don't tumble dry, Iron on low setting if needed.

*Pflegehinweis: Handwäsche unter 40℃, Nicht Wäschetrockner, Bügeln bei niedriger Einstellung bei Bedarf.

Graphic designer

Design unit Jikuhara Yosuke and Miki Takeda work on the theme of “playing with play” from 2003, in the classic world of origami, and they won the Good Design Award 2008. Since 2008, he is a part-time lecturer at Kyoto Art and Design University. 


They produced graphic origami with key words “origami is more pop!” Currently they are conducting a wide range of design activities including designing with a new viewpoint, development of toys, workshops at museums and the like.


The origin of COCHAE (quotient) is cited from the traditional folk song “Okayama drum song (Cochaebushi)” of Okayama prefecture where he is from. The word “Kacha-e, Kacha-e” is a slang word popular in the Tenpo era and is a musical accompaniment word with multiple meanings such as “Please come here” and “This is good”.