Rice bowl "fujiyama"



A Japanese rice bowl with the image of Mt. Fuji.

The rice bowl placed upside down looks like Mt. Fuji with a snow-capped crater.

Handmade, Mino ware, Japan.



Japanische Reisschale mit dem Bild des Berges Fuji.

Die umgekehrte Schale repräsentiert den schneebedeckten Gipfel des Berg Fuji mit einem Krater. 

Handgefertigt, Mino ware, Japan.


🔸Rice bowl "FUJIYAMA" blue

☆ Rice bowl "Fujiayma"


[ Größe (ca.)/ size (approx.) ]       

     Blue: Φ. 12 cm x H. 6,3 cm

[ Gewicht (ca.)/ weight (approx.) ]       
      235 g

[ Material/ material ]

      Töpferei / Pottery (Mino ware)

[ Brand ] 

     Teshigoto Pottery

[ Hergestellt/ origin ]




- Mikrowellengeeignet 

- Spülmachinengeeignet (Händewaschen wird empfohlen, da die Ikkanjin-Puppe durch Stöße gegen andere Waren in der Spülmaschine beschädigt werden kann.)



- Microwave-safe

- Dishwasher-safe  (Hand washing is recommended as the Ikkanjin doll can be damaged by bumping into other goods in the dishwasher.) 


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Fujiyama Chawan

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🔸MINO-yaki ware - 美濃焼き

Mino-yaki is produced in the Mizunami, Tajimi, Toki, and Kani regions of Gifu prefecture with a 1300-year history. Mino ware accounts for over 50 percent of Japanese ceramics now. 


As “the way of tea” gained popularity about 400 years ago, craftsmen in Mino began producing artistic tea utensils. Shino 志野 (white and textured), Kizeto 黄瀬戸 (yellow ocher), Oribe 織部  (green pattern over light gray base) and Setoguro 瀬戸黒 (black) are representative of these crafts. Now, 15 types of Mino ware are government-recognized traditional crafts of Japan. 

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of Mino ware, with factories producing large numbers of these fine ceramics. A side variety of ceramics, including tableware, tiles, and tools are produced by inheriting the techniques of the past and being challenged to create new technologies for the future. Mino ware’s long history and high quality makes it a prime example of Japanese ceramics and an excellent addition to any collection.


All items shown on this page are produced by Miyama Co., Ltd., who has continued to challenge themselves to new manufacturing, utilizing their “white porcelain firing technology” and “high molding technique” accumulated in Mino area. More manufacturer introduction, you can find at the end of this page.