[Weihnachten und Neujahr 2018 / 2019]

Liebe Kunden,

Vom 25. Dezember 2018 bis 11. Januar 2019, wird unser Online-Shop geschlossen sein.
Alle Aufträge und Anfragen während dieser Zeit werden am 12. Januar 2019 umgehend bearbeitet.
Wir wünschen Ihnen jetzt schon eine schöne Weihnachtszeit und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!




[Christmas and New Year 2018/2019]
Dear customers,

From December 25, 2018 to January 11, 2019, we will close our online-Shop.
All your orders and inquiries during this time will be proceeded on January 12, 2019.
We extend our best wishes for a Joyous Holiday Season and successful New Year.


new item: Cutlery rest - Besteckablage

Our popular item "cutlery rest" has been renewed into a new design. Please check it up!


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new item: Chopsticks - Essstäpchen

It's time to start Christmas gift shopping! Get it right one this year from our new product list.


For Sushi lover, we recommend the new chopsticks and matching colored acrylic rest gift set


There are 4 colors of variation.   ⇒ go to shop

Restocking: KUTANI cups


We have just restocked our online shop!


go to shop ⇒ KUTANI-YAKI cups


Restocking & new design: Aquadrop Furoshiki 100cm


New addition to the FUROSHIKI "Aquadrop" series!

The new face is fresh green and yellow with hummingbirds motif.  


go to shop ⇒ Aquadrop Furoshiki 100cm "Hummingbird"



A very popular Aquadrop Furoshiki with "cats and birds" also re-stocked! 


go to shop ⇒ Aquadrop Furoshiki 100cm "cats & birds"



A playful Furoshiki, made with a water-repellent finished fabric.

What's good about it ?

You can use it as a bag even on rainy days...

Protect your bag and any other belongings from rain.

It can also serve as a picnic blanket, table cover etc.

The black cats are a symbol of luck and prosperous business.


go to shop ⇒ Aquadrop Furoshiki 100cm


Table decoration with UTAKATA


When I was back in Japan last week, I was invited a special dinner in Ebisu (just next station of Shibuya). I got a nice idea for table decoration at that restaurant, so, would like to share it with you.


Look at the following picture. Flower vase "UTAKATA" is accompanied by flowers on a large dish of gorgeous assorted appetizers.  How lovely, don't you think? This made the meal enjoyable for me.


Every single item on the menu was absolutely fantastic. ‘DELISH’!!!!!! The delivery of our 10 (or more!) course dinner was so memorable.
Amazing food, combined with an excellent presentation, the setting felt more than intimate enough.
While the pours of the drink pairing is generous and a wide variety of alcohol, it is all in all a fantastic.
The mood of the meal is fun and relaxed, and does not feel stiff at all.
"HaRe Gastronomia"  is a highly recommended restaurant. (Restaurant HP:

new item: Wooden Folwer Vase

New hand-made Flower Vases made with Japanese Cedar wood.


Simple and elegant flower display holder with a clear glass test tube. The glass tube can be easily removed for cleaning, filling or watering. Ideal for displaying single flowers, air plants or water plants for adding vibrant greenery to any space.


There are 2types of vases, the elegant tabletop type and 36 cm-slim type which is simple enough to be hang everywhere.

All products made with Japanese cedar-wood and all are unique piece. 

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restocking: authentic Japanese Kokeshi Dolls

These traditional Japanese dolls called "kokeshi" are unique pieces. Each kokeshi differs in its color and pattern and is hand painted.

The way and the method of the traditional Kokeshi production has been honestly succeeded for more than 100 years from the father to the son, from the son to the grandson and from the master to the disciple, and Kokeshi doll has been loved by many people as one of the typical Japanese folk arts. 

There are two patterns, one is Nadeshiko and the other is Hishigiku pattern.

go to SHOP  ⇒ KOKESHI doll

restocking: soy sauce dish "cat"


Sorry for keeping you waiting, the cat's soy sauce dishes are arrived on! 


6 different postures cats ⇒ go to SHOP




new item: Edo Kimekomi-Doll "Maneki Neko"

New MANEKI-NEKO figurine combining traditional Japanese craftsmanship with modern designs has arrived in our shop !!
The 13cm-tall maneki-neko wears a bright piece of high quality hand-sewn clothing made from “chirimen” crepe, a traditional and brilliantly colored fabric. There are 3 different colors are available on our shop.
The living room is a perfectly suitable setting for it and adapts well to modern life. And of course, they are ideal as gifts for wishing good fortune to friends and family.
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new item: Tea canister "CHAKAN"

Stunning new tea canister "chakan" are arrived on our shop.

A beautiful, artisanal tea canister made of high quality metal covered with hand-made Echizen-Washi paper. The traditional handcrafted Echizen-Washi paper produced by Yamatsugi-Seishijo from Fukui/Japan. The tea canister protects tea leaves perfectly from moisture and temperature fluctuations. An outstanding quality and design.

Capacity approx. 200 g tea leaves. / 3 colors of "ocher", "red" and "dark green".
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new item: Japanese Maekake Apron

You may have seen them featured on Japanese film and TV, or even wrapped around the staffs at Ramen shop or Izakaya cuisine in Japan.

Maekake are heavy duty, traditional aprons, worn around the waist, usually in a fetching indigo color and emblazoned with a message or logo across the front in white.
We’re delighted to be introducing the traditional Japanese maekake aprons at our online -shop. These items are crafted in Japan using traditional methods.

Read on to find out more about this classic Japanese garment…

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new item: Stuffed animals


Cuddly plushier, they have cute embroidered paws and just as soft as the real thing.


puppies.... Shiba Inu, Toy Poodle (37 cm long) and Corgi (39 cm long )

tabby cats..... gray and beige (47cm long)

(* measurements in approximately in its laying posture)


Suitable for both adults and children aged 6 years+

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new item: OMEN mask

New Face masks for festival, cosplay or Halloween come in our online-shop!

Available 4 kinds; Kitsune, Sujikuma, Ko-omote and Hannya.

 Finishing of mask's surface is egg-like a mat paint. Good quality plastic products, it is nice enough for decorative items.

Suitable for both adults and children aged 7 years+


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restocking: IMABARI Towel

IMABARI towel  - white (120 cm x 60 cm) - in a original wooden box

Now restocking! available on our shop  ⇒ IMABARI towel -

New item arrived!

New items are coming in one after another. All will be updated soon, please check it up!


Mother's Day gift idea...

◆◆ Treat your mother to something delightful on her special day!! ◆◆

◆◆ Geschenkideen zum Muttertag: Ein einzigartiges für eine einzigartige Mutter! ◆◆

a token of thanks...

for chic moms...

relaxing with it at home!... 

new item: 112cm Furoshiki "Shōsō-in" treasure motif

New large size Furoshikis come in our online-shop!


Inspired by Japanese treasures which stored in Shōsō-in (正倉院) located at Nara Prefecture.
In this time, “Enkyo (円鏡)” and “Souchomon (双鳥文)” to show on our online-shop.

112cm Furoshiki is ideal for a making bags, Table cloth, Interior decoration.


 go to shopping page ⇒ 112cm Furoshiki


* Enkyo (円鏡)                                                                                          * Souchomon (双鳥文) 

* Treasures Enkyo (円鏡)”, “Souchomon (双鳥文)” and "Shōsō-in (正倉院).  

restocking: TATAMI Pad mini - hanadai -


The latest addition to the Tatami pad series are mini-sized tatami mats perfect to display together with your favorite kokeshi doll, ikebana, tee utensils. Even though the mats are miniaturized down, bringing the unique texture of tatami mats into your world!

The mini tatami mats are available in beige, green, and black variations, allowing you to choose the color that better suits your collection!

go to shop ⇒ Tatami pad mini  - hanadai -

                                 * beige                                                               * green                                                                  * black

restocking: TATAMI sandals

Tatami sandals, a regular item in summer, has arrived in our online shop.


 Toe-Thongs in blue; "Asanoha" and "Karakusa"

go to shop ⇒ Tatami Sandal


                                          * Asanoha                                                                                     * Karakusa

new item: Maneki Neko 25 cm

Additionally, a big "maneki neko" is available in our online-shop.

Now, maneki-neko comes in 2 sizes, 15,5 cm and 25 cm in height.

Check it up the difference of them in the picture below!


  go to shopping page ⇒ Tokoname style "Maneki-neko"


restocking & new item - soy sauce dish "cat" all 6 cats! -


"soy sauce dish "cat" series have been for a long time no stock.

But finally, restocked!

And now, we have a complete range of the cat dishes to show.

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Setsubun 節分

節分 (せつぶん – Setsubun)


Setsubun is a fun traditional day that is celebrated on February 3rd and is known in English as “Bean-throwing Festival.”

Setsubun literally means “seasonal division.” It is celebrated on the day before the first day of Spring 立春 (りっしゅん – risshun) and the new year according to the 旧暦 (きゅうれき – kyuureki – Japan’s old lunar calendar). 




What do we do on Setsubun?   ~ doing Mamemaki (まめまき or 豆まき) = “bean throwing.” ~


We throw roasted soybeans outside the house or at an 鬼 (おに – oni – demon) to drive away the bad spirits/bad luck. Often times, a father will dress up as an oni and his  children throw the beans at him. And also we throw the soybeans inside the house to bring good luck to your family.


When you are throwing the beans, there is a chant that you must do:

「鬼は外!福は内!」 = Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi! = Demons out! Good fortune in!

This will get rid of bad luck and invite in good luck. After you throw the beans, you are supposed to pick them up and eat the number of equal to your age in the hope that this will get your good health and good luck. 

 Actually there are many kinds of 節分豆 (setsubun mame). This colorful sugar-coated variety is very popular!



Major Setsubun Events Around Tokyo

A lot of shrines or temples hold a “mamemaki” throwing soybeans event. Some of the big shrines or temples have celebrities, politicians and sumo wrestlers as guests to throw beans to crowds. For those who haven’t bean to a real Setsubun event yet, below are some of the most popular ceremonies in and around Tokyo. Thousands of people join this event and the battle for bean catches! 


Setsubun Festival at;

Zojoji Temple (is one of the largest such events in Tokyo.)

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Ikegami Honmonji Temple

Kawasaki Daishi Setsubun

Asakusa Sensoji Templen

Restocking : Ikebana flower vase

IKEBANA - flower vase / Blumensteckschale 

"SAKASA-FUJI (blue / red )" and "SIZUKA-SLIM" back in stock!  go to shop ⇒ Ikebana flower vase

Restocking : Cast iron teapot stand


sorry to keep you waiting, but the goods arrived from Japan today!


go to shop ⇒ Cast iron teapot stand by Chushin Kobo

restocking schedule - soy sauce dish "cat" -



Items including other new cat-motif, 6 types in all are supposed to be in stock again around end of January.

Happy New Year!


May your 2018 be filled with love and happiness!



Wir möchten Ihnen ganz von Herzen ein glückliches und schönes Jahr 2018 wünschen!




The year of the DOG 2018!

Years of the Dog include 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, and 2030... The Dog occupies the 11th position in the zodiac, after the Rooster, and before the wild boar (Pig).