Table decoration with UTAKATA


When I was back in Japan last week, I was invited a special dinner in Ebisu (just next station of Shibuya). I got a nice idea for table decoration at that restaurant, so, would like to share it with you.


Look at the following picture. Flower vase "UTAKATA" is accompanied by flowers on a large dish of gorgeous assorted appetizers.  How lovely, don't you think? This made the meal enjoyable for me.


Every single item on the menu was absolutely fantastic. ‘DELISH’!!!!!! The delivery of our 10 (or more!) course dinner was so memorable.
Amazing food, combined with an excellent presentation, the setting felt more than intimate enough.
While the pours of the drink pairing is generous and a wide variety of alcohol, it is all in all a fantastic.
The mood of the meal is fun and relaxed, and does not feel stiff at all.
"HaRe Gastronomia"  is a highly recommended restaurant. (Restaurant HP: