Greeting cards - Grußkarten

Keep in touch with your friends and family or lovers and collegues with our good quality card selection to show that you value them!

🔸Origami Doll series

<Typ A> HIME  -sold out-

Kimono girl with Kanzashi hairstick

<Typ B> MAI

Kimono girl in cherry blossoms

<Typ C> AYA

Kimono girl and a crane


🔸SAKURA series pop-up card

🔸Japanese christmas card, mini Santa series


Kaminarimon Asakusa

Kinkaku-ji Temple, Kyoto

Bamboo Forest


 -sold out-

🔸Historical Kyoto series pop-up card

No.1 Ōcho-Monogatari Emaki

Inspired by the Illustrated scroll books "Ocho-monogatari-Emaki", written in the Heian dynasty, expressing a scene of epic romances from the tale with a pop-up card.


No.2 Kyo-Maiko

Represented a typical symbol of Kyoto "Torii and Maiko" on a Pop-up card. The brilliant vermilion torii, or shrine gate all lined up is magnificent, and perhaps one of the most iconic view of Kyoto.

🔸Laser-cut, pop-up card


BYOBU Calender 2024  -sold out-


🔸Laser-cut, pop-up, landmark Japan series

<Kabukiza theater>  -SOL DOUT        <Kinkakuji> -SOL DOUT                 <Tsûtenkaku in Osaka>                  <Himeji Castle> -SOL DOUT


We have also Greeting cards with incense sticks series "ICHI-RIN-KOH". Send your message with fragrance! 

Check them out here--> HOME & GARDEN --> INCENSE & HOLDERS --> ICHI-RIN-KOH