seki magoroku 10000CL

- SANTOKU ae5254 -




The Santoku is the traditional Japanese shape for a universal knife, similar to the European Chef’s knife. The blade length with between 160 mm and 180 mm and the wide blade are ideal for flexible use. 


The meaning of the word ‘Santoku’s clearly explains what it is best used for: the ‘three uses’ or ‘three advantages’ of the chopping, dicing and mincing for fish, meat and vegetables.


The cutting edge is more curved than the Nakiri or Gyuto on the tip side. This makes the contact line of your knife and the cutting board shorter. It means you can concentrate more power on the cutting point with less effort. 




●Key Features 

【 Blade 】

Double-sided blades.

The premium blade combines different textures and grades of steel. 

The cutting edge is a 3-layer clad blade. Japanese ultra-high grade carbon steel "Cobalt Special" for the core, clad with softer stainless steel as outside layers. The two steel grades are jointed through a particular copper solder technique. This composite-joint-tech is known as using in the aircraft construction. 


In addition to its high functionality, the different texture of mirror effects are beautifully partitioned by the lines on the blade, retaining a minimum of aesthetics and elegance.


 【 Handle & Bolster】

The light colored wood-grained handle is made of a resin-impregnated composite wood (Pakkawood). This dense material is light weight and particularly durable and moisture-resistant. The seamless finish between the blade, bolster and handle provides absolute hygiene as well confortable and easy holding of the handle. 

The looks is natral, truly elegant and stylish finish. 

The handle and blade are symmetrical so they can be used by both left-handed and right-handed users. 


☆ Seki Magoroku 10000CL Santoku 165mm AE5254


[ Model ]  10000CL - AE5254

[ knife type /Messer-Typ ]   Santoku 

[ bebel / Schliff ]   double-sided edge / beidseitig 


[ material / Materialien ]     

    blade / Klinge: Stainless clad composite 3 Layers, high carbon cobalt steel / 

                               Edelstahl clad composite 3 Lagen, high carbon cobalt Stahl

    handle / Griff:  Pakkawood (impregnated composite wood) with stainless steel Bolster /

                               Pakkawood (harzimprägniertes Holz) mit Bolster aus Edelstahl 


[ size (approx.) / Maße (ca.) ]   

    total length / Gesamtlänge:   295 mm    

    blade length / Klingenlänge:   165 mm

    blade width / Klingenbreite:     45 mm

    blade thickness / Klingendicke:  2 mm


[ weight / Gewicht ]   ca. 150 g


[ package / Verpackung ]    original box 


[ manufacturer / Hersteller ]   Kai Corporation (Kaijirushi) 


[ made in / Hergestellt in]   Japan



*Cleaning knives: Hand wash. 

*Don’t chop hard stuff like bones, nutshells, and frozen foods.



*Reinigung Messer: Handwäsche.

*Bitte harten Gegenstände wie Knochen, Nussschalen, Tiefkühlkost oder andere harte Gegenstände nicht benutzen.

117,90 €

🔸Instruction & Maintenance - Verwendungshinweise & Pflege


This is the Stainless steel blade kitchen knife, which has good rust resistance for easy maintenance.  (However, the core is made of the high carbon steel which is not stainless.) Even stainless steel blade has rust situation if you leave it with wet condition.


*1) Please DO NOT put knives in the dishwasher.

*2) Don’t use for any hard stuff like bones, nutshells, and frozen foods. 

*3) Keep clean and dry after use.

*4) We recommend sharpen regularly with quality whetstones. 

*5) This is an extremely sharp knife. Please use special cares in using and storing it. Please keep the knife away from children. 



Dieses Küchenmesser mit Edelstahlklinge hat eine ausgezeichnete Rostbeständigkeit und ist leicht zu pflegen.  (Der Klingekern besteht jedoch aus Kohlenstoffstahl und ist nicht rostbeständig). Selbst Küchenmesser mit Edelstahlklinge weisen Rost auf, wenn Sie es in nassem Zustand lassen.


*1) Das Messer sollte NICHT in die Spülmaschine. 

*2) Nicht für harte Nahrungsmittel wie Knochen, Nussschalen und Tiefgefroreneskost verwenden.

*3) Nach der Verwendung bitte sauber und trocken halten.

*4) Zum Nachschärfen, Wasserschleifsteine empfohlen werden.

*5) Diese Messer sind äußerst scharf, bitte seien Sie vorsichtig. Bitte das Messer von Kindern fernhalten. 

about manufacturer

Kaicorporation (Kaijirushi), the knife maker from Seki

Kaijirushi was founded in 1908. The company has for 100 years developed and sold cutlery and related products of excellent sharpness and function. The company is based in Seki-City, Gifu Prefecture, the capital for knife production in Japan.


With a product line of 10,000 cutlery-related items for cooking, grooming, beauty care and medical fields, as well as engagin in the planning and development to production, sales and distribution on its own.


Blade edging at factory Kaijirushi
Quelle: Kaijirushi

Blade edging:

This method of blade edging is utilized for the high class lineup. By doing the grinding pouring water on the whetstone, it is possible to avoid the production of friction heat and to increase greatly the smoothness and the cutting quality of blade tips. The workmen that are able to carry out the wet type blade edging are very few. Only workmen with many years of experience are allowed to carry out this important process.

Quelle: Kaijirushi