🔸48 cm Takehisa Yumeji

TAKEHISA YUMEJI (1884-1934) is a representative painter in the Taisho era in Japan. He is known as the work of "Bijinga" (= portrait of a beautiful woman) widly, and also a great graphic designer as well.
He focused on objects in daily life and nature. Yumeji's works are characterized by dynamic patterns and unique hue, which were revolutionary modern piece at the time. And, it still works today.

Art.Nro.1) Camellia  

furoshiki ukiyoe utamaro

Art.No.2) Japanese Apricot 

furoshiki ukiyoe utamaro

Art.No.3) Strawberry

☆ 48cm Takehisa Yumeji

48cm Furoshiki featuring Yumeji"s artworks which is a dynamic patterns, unique hue, and tints everyday motifs. Made of cotton shantung with elegantly pearl luster.  

48 cm Furoshiki mit Yumeji"s Kunstwerk von einem dynamischen Muster, einzigartigen Farben und alltäglichen Motiven. Aus Baumwoll-Shantung mit elegantem Perlenglanz. 



 Variation:  No.1) TSUBAKI - Camellia -red
                     No.2) UME - Japanese Apricot - pink

                    No.3) ICHIGO - Strawberry -purple


size/Größe.............. 48 x 48 cm

material/Material... cotton / Baumwolle

made in Japan 

care/Pflege............. hand-washing / Handwäsche


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48cm Takehisa Yumeji

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  • Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage *1 / Ships within 1-3 working days *1

*Care information: Hand Wash below 40℃, don't tumble dry, Iron on low setting if needed.

*Pflegehinweis: Handwäsche unter 40℃, Nicht Wäschetrockner, Bügeln bei niedriger Einstellung bei Bedarf.