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sasicco® "OBI TOTE BAG" by TANEI


◆ Judogi textile into a durable bag

TANEI, a well known Japanese company for martial arts wears worldwide, produced modern bags using textiles for traditional Judo cloths. Fabric of the bag is called "sashiko" or "sashiko ori", a machine woven unique fabric by using a brand cotton thread "Mikawa-Momen"(*1) which is a traditional product of the Mikawa region in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.


The feature of the sashiko fabric is its patterned bumpy surface, the fabric boasts outstanding durability, non- flammability, and has been made into the Japanese firefighters' jackets and dōgi (uniforms for martial arts such as Judo, Kendo), since olden times.


As is evident from the fact that it has long been used for dōgi which are worn directly on the skin, this fabric is soft to the touch, yet strong and resistant to friction, and becomes more comfortable in texture over time. These qualities make this fabric also ideal for bags.

(*1) "Mikawa-Momen" or mikawa cotton is a Japanese traditional fabric that is carried on from Edo period in Mikawa district (present eastern part of Aichi prefecture).

This product is made in Japan, and has the official certification of "Mikawa Cotton", the traditional regional brand of cotton fabric. 

◆ sasicco® produced by Tanei

Tanei has been handling the sashiko fabric for nearly 100 years producing from firefighter's garments to various martial art uniforms. The fabric is difficult to work with but Tanei developed techniques to cut it accurately and sew it faultlessly, resulting in beautiful bags.
"sasicco®" is a new brand launched by Tanei by utilizing the technology cultivated so far.

*The tailoring of Sashiko requires particularly powerful sewing machines and advanced sewing skills.

  • The intertwining of numerous threads on several layers, horizontally and vertically, allows to greatly increase the tensile strength in all directions. At the same time, the Sashiko is relatively lightweight, despite its substantial thickness.This unique fabric given an attractive, uneven surface with Sashiko stitching is a very soft and pleasant texture. 
  • The company’s experienced craftspeople have years of expertise in Sashiko fabric production and stitching. From weaving to cutting and sewing, the production line is seamless and the result is a very high quality product. sasicco bags have enjoyed great popularity in Japan, since they were launched onto the market.

◆ sashiko-ori TOTE bag "OBI-TOTE"

Large and practical bag, sasicco's "OBI tote" is made from durable mikawa-cotton fabric that's to reinforced with black trims which used for Judo OBI-belt. (*OBI means belt in Japanese.)

The interior is roomy enough to stow your laptop, your gym kit etc. Featuring one deep zippered internal pocket has plenty of room to compartmentalize all of your essentials, and an outer open poket is usuful for organizing small items.


This simple design and lightweight bag, can be used in unisex and regardless of age, in various scenes such as business, travel and everyday.

  • using mikawa-momen, sashiko-ori weaving
  • Inside of the bag is laminated for easy care. 
  • Two top handles 
  • Internal zippered pocket, one slip pocket at the front
  • with a magnet fastening

sashiko-ori BAG "OBI-TOTE"


【 Farbe Variation / color valiation

      1) weiß und schwarz kariert (Griff: schwarz) / white and black checkered (handle: black)
      2) weiß (Griff: schwarz) / white (handle: black)


【 Maße (ca.) / size (approx.)】

       Höhe/Height    30 cm

       Breite/Width     (top) 43 cm / (bottom) 32 cm 

       Tiefe/Depth       13 cm

       Grifflänge/ Handle length   22 cm 

【 Gewicht (ca.) / weight (approx.) 】

       520 g

【 Material / material 】

       100% Baumwolle / 100% Cotton

       ("sashiko" gewebter Mikawa-Baumwollstoff / "sashiko" woven Mikawa cotton)

       Tascheninnen: Laminatbeschichtung / inside: laminate coating

【 Hersteller / Manufacturer 】 TANEI Co., Ltd. / brand : "sasicco"

【 Herkunft / Origin 】Made in Aichi, Japan


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sashiko OBI-Tote bag

105,00 €

  • Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage *1 / Shipping 2-3 working days *1

[ Care Instructions ]

Please be aware that the material has a laminated (water-repellent coating) inside.   

That's why this product is not washable

      * Do not Dry Clean, and do not wash.

      * To remove stains, dab the fabric using a cloth with a slightly wet with water and mild soap.

Other care details are attached in the product.


[ Pflegeahinweise ]   
Bitte beachten Sie, dass das Material des Tascheninneren laminiert (wasserabweisende Beschichtung) ist.
Deshalb ist dieses Produkt nicht waschbar.
      * Nicht chemisch reinigen und Nicht waschen.
      * Um Flecken zu entfernen, tupfen Sie den Stoff mit einem leicht mit Wasser und milder Seife angefeuchteten Tuch ab.
Weitere Einzelheiten zur Pflege sind dem Produkt beigefügt.

about Manufacturer

Tanei Co., was established in 1920 in Mikawa, Aichi Prefecture, where the cotton industry had its first roots in Japan.


Sashiko fabric was traditionally hand-made and labour intensive but Tanei developed machinery to make its production more efficient and consistent in quality. Garments made of Sashiko have traditionally been used to provide protection against fire. It is also used for Japanese martial art uniforms, such as for Kendo, Judo, and Tanei continues to be Japan’s top producer of such clothing.


The company has now taken the unique material they work with and turned it into a range of beautiful styled, handmade backpacks, totes and shoulder bags that inherit a durablity. Their newly launched bag brand "sasicco" has the seamless production line from weaving to cutting and sewing, has been producing extremely high quality products. 


*images from TANEI Co.