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"Magewappa" is a traditional craft made by bending very thin strips of Japanese cedar into functional objects, and is created as a container for grains and sake. The product is especially popular as a lunch box, because any excess moisture of rice or hot food is absorbed by the cedar wood to maintain an ideal humidity for the contents of the bento.
Also, the features of this type of bento box are the beautiful grain, color and pleasant aroma of the cedar and the classical design, making the Magewappa popular amongst all Japanese, regardless of age or gender.


Magewappa Bento Box "Classic"

included inner removable divider, it helps you to separate your food, and an elastic band to help keep the box together. 



Magewappa Bento Box "Slim 2-Tier" 

nest a set of boxes! Upper container will be placed inside the lower one to save space.
Includes a band to secure the containers and comes in gift box.