梅雨 - TSUYU - rainy season

Tsuyu, Japan's annual rainy season, mainly takes place in the month of June. The continuous days of rain and grey skies might be depressing, this year even more under the impact of COVID 19...


But, let's have a look!


Hydrangea draws people despite rainy day. June 9, 2020, it seemed like the perfect day for viewing the stunning hydrangea flowers-filled on the street. My sister sent me some pictures from Tokyo after a very long while. She regularly sent me a picture of flowers and natural scenery, especially cherry blossoms every spring. But no flower pictures came from her this year, due to "stay at home!"...


Though Japan hasn't seen explosive infection rates, but we are worried still coronavirus Warnings. The Tokyo Summer Olympics would be delayed by up to a year. There will continue to be various restrictions and constraints and our lifestyle will also change...


However, bright green leaves soaking up the early summer sunshine as usual. The start of the summer is just around the corner! We hope, everyone will continue to have healthy and peaceful days, and will enjoy the coming sommer season!


at HAKUSAN Shrine, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo     

new item: Arita-yaki small plates, DENPEI Porcelain

 NEW !!

Arita "Mamezara" - tiny plates in beautiful form -


Gladly introducing the new mamezara-plates from Arita's tableware.

The five new items produced by DENPEI Kiln have a unique shape and brilliant colors. It's small, but has a substantial presence, which will be a decorative accent for your dinning table. All plates are hand crafted, hand painted and painstakingly kilned. Recommended using as a plate for soy sauce, seasoning, and also ideal for chopstick rest.


In addition, they are stackable neatly. The patterns and shapes are a regardless of the season, so it is useful for decorating and everyday use.
Why not collecting your favorite one for your stylish food presentation?

[Manufacturer] DENPEI Kiln, Arita/ Saga, Japan

5 items :

◆ mamezara set "Rabbit in Arabesque Kimono" (SET of 2)
◆ mamezara set "Rabbit in Butterflies Kimono" (SET of 2)
◆ mamezara "Triple Flowers"

◆ mamezara set "Kinto'un -Nimbus Clouds" (SET of 2)
◆ mamezara set "Oteshozara - Rose on Origami" (SET of 2)


⇒ what is Mamezara? all about "Mamezara"

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new item: Paper crafts "CATS"

 NEW !!

Handmade HARIKO "CATS" - warm and cozy decorative dolls


Original Hariko dools by hariko artist KIYOSHI AOKI from Nagano.
The process of making his cat has been almost same as traditional hariko dolls. Each figurine is hand created from a clay mold, and additionally, pasted on it multiple layers of washi paper that is teared into small pieces by hand. These are not colored into, and the pattern of the cat's body is expressed in the natural color of Japanese washi paper.


[Manufacturer] Hidamari Nora/ Nagano, Japan

There are 2 types of cats a bicolored and a calico, and each in 3 sizes about 31 cm, 23 cm and 14 cm tall. They looks similar at first glance, but if you look closely, there are slight differences in shape and expression. Each piece has a unique taste, and brings a warm and cozy atmosphere.  

new item: Tote Bag "OBI-tote"

 NEW !!

"OBI-TOTE" - a sturdy bag from a Judo wear manufacturer


TANEI is a Japanese company famous worldwide for martial arts uniforms. Released a large, practical bag "OBI-Tote" from the new brand "sasicco®" produced by Tanei.


The fabric of the bag uses the brand cotton "Mikawa Momen" which is made of the same material as high-class judo clothing. "OBI" means belt (Gürtel). The Judo black belt is attached to the bag handles and trims for reinforcement.

This simple design and lightweight bag, can be used in unisex and regardless of age, in various scenes such as business, travel and everyday.


[Manufacturer] TANEI Co., Ltd./ Aichi, Japan

new item: AKABEKO

 NEW !!

bobbing head's red cow


Happy to introduce the cute and classy toy come from Fukushima!
”AKABEKO" is a local toy in the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture with the legendary red cow as a motif.
"AKABEKO" is displayed in almost every home in the Tohoku region.
It's like an old-fashioned doll whose head swaying humorously, but it has become popular again recently.


[Manufacturer]  Nozawa Mingei/Fukushima, Japan

new & restocking items

NEW !!  


new kokeshis!!  ⇒ go to SHOP


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 OMEN face masks ⇒ SHOP


Ikebana vase "Sakasa FUJI" ⇒ SHOP 



new item & restocking : soy sauce dishes


soy sauce small plates for sushi and sashimi eater 

"FISH version" joins newly on online Shop!  and, popular items "CAT version" are also on stock!

* FISH version                                                                                                                                              * CATS version

[Manufacturer]  ALTHA Co., Ltd. /Japan

new item: RADEN glass Sake set



螺鈿 "raden"- Japanese Traditional Craft

The decorative craft created by setting iridescent parts of seashells like abalone, turban shells, and pearl oysters, which are shaved very thinly, into lacquerware.


1x Sake decanter and 1x cup set with Raden works, an artistic design that combines JAPAN lacquer and glass.
Shells in cherry blossom motif are pasted manually, and applied them to the outside of the glass-bottom which are coated the Japanese lacquer.
When sake or spirit is poured, the liquid reflects on the glass and its brightness spreads out like a kaleidoscope.  

[Manufacturer] AMANOSHIKKI Co., Ltd./Toyama, Japan

 ● Art.-A) Vermilion-Red, gold                                                                     ●  Art.-B) Black, gold      

new item: DONBURI Bowls for ramen and gyudon etc.



Perfect for Ramen eater !! 

Attractive Japanese donburi bowls "Ra-Meshi Bachi" are newly produced by ALTHA Co. "Ra" refers to ramen noodles, "Meshi" to rice, and "Bachi" means bowl, it is in literally used for both ramen and rice dishes.


The round and deep ceramic large bowls.

Each one is decorated with a motif inspired by classic Asian design.

microwave-safe / Dishwasher-safe


[Manufacturer]  ALTHA Japan 

 [ color & motif ]  

  ● red & Dragon (龍)          ● blue & Karako (唐子)       ● yellow & Phoenix ( 鳳凰)  

new products & restocking information


New products from "Tokyo gift show 2020 spring" has been just arrived to our office in Germany!
All items will be updated on our shop-page soon after product inspection and image shooting has done, please wait a while.
Also, lots of popular items are restocked, please check it up on wafuu-honpo online shop!





new products arrival schedule


New products and restocking items are now heading for Germany.
We will update our online-shop as soon as they arrive. Please check it up!

restocking: TATAMI sandals new design


Our regular item in summer, handmade Tatami sandals are in online shop.

Toe-Thongs in blue, pattern of "Asanoha", "Karakusa", and new "Seigaiha" in 2020. 

Add the best item for your summer outfits!

go to shop ⇒ Tatami Sandal


                                                                          * Asanoha 麻の葉                        *Karakusa 唐草                              * Karakusa 青海波 -new!-

new item: KATANA letter opener



“Katana Letter Opener” is a paper knife with a Japanese sword "katana" motif. It is a commodity made with particular attention to detail. Quality of its sharpness is amazing since it is handmade by experienced craftsmen in Seki city, Gifu Prefecture which renowned for its samurai sword-making history.
Besides using as the letter opener, it is a good looking decoration that feel a sense of fun!




◆ KATANA Letter Opener with doble sword stand   ⇒ go to SHOP

 ● Model No. 1) Kondo Isami                               ● Model No. 2) Okita Souji                                  ● Model No. 3) Saitou Hajime 

two-tiered display stand allowing you to keep the sword sheathed or place the scabbard on a different level of the rack so that you can admire the naked blade as well. 



◆ KATANA Letter Opener with single sword stand (upright standing)   ⇒ go to SHOP

● Model No. 4) Oda Nobunaga

 * motif is Oda Nobunaga's beloved sword "Heshikiri-Hasebe".  ( ↑ the signature "圧切長谷部" printed on the blade.)



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Happy New Year!


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2020 is year of the RAT!

Years of the rat include 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996 and 2008.

The rat occupies the 1st position in the zodiac, after the Pig, and before the Ox.