New item: Rice bowl - Reisschüssel


NEW!!    - new addition to the Kutani vase line -


Arabesque Rice bowl "Tako-Karakusa"

Hand-painted Aritayaki porcelain, Japan

Japanese rice bowl with a bright blue and green/red arabesque pattern.

The traditional "Tako-Karakusa" pattern is hand-painted by Arita craftsmen in a bold and delicate way using the "Dami" technique.

The shape of the beveled polyhedron is very easy to use.


Rice bowl with a small dwarf "Ikkanjin"

Hasami porcelain, indigo blue, with a small lucky dwarf

Rice bowl with a traditional Japanese pattern in chic indigo blue.

Even more unusual is the "Ikkanjin doll", which is firmly attached to the side of the bowl.

("Ichi-kan-jin, 一 閑人" = a happy person who can roam freely as he likes, without being tied to the world ...)


The magnificent patterns are very auspicious and classic:

floral birds (kacho), blue sea waves (seigaiha), and plum in a hexagon (kikkou-ume)