Restocking item: Japanese Teapot - Tokoname ware


The traditional Kyusu-Japanese teapot handmade by the famed Studio in Tokoname (Aichi prefecture).

With a built-in ceramic strainer.

Material of the natural clay (Japanese: Shudei 朱泥) from Tokoname region has particularly enriched with natural iron-oxide. 

* It is said that any astringency and bitterness found in Japanese green teas are adjusted by the reaction of the iron contained in Tokoname ware's red mud with the tannin of the tea, resulting in a delicious and mellow taste.

            "Shudei Marugata"                                 "Kokudei-cut Hiramaru"                        "Nerikomi-cut white"

               by Gyokko 玉光                                                by Hōryu 宝龍                                   by Tōsen 陶仙                          
                      280 ml                                                           270 ml                                                   280 ml

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