New item: Mt.FUJI glass


The artisan glass showcases a Japan's most highest mountain "Fuji" in the base. The Mt. Fuji reflects the color of whatever you're drinking.

Suitable for whisky, wine, shōchu, as well as milk, iced tea, fruits juice and any other drinks. Enjoy a drink in a luxurious glass overlooking a world heritage site Mt. Fuji, the sacred mountain of Japan.!


Two size variations: 

 270 ml glass for whisky, cocktails

 90 ml smaller glass as a sake or shot glass.

image by Tajima Glass
image by Tajima Glass

All Mt. Fuji glasses are handmade by skilled craftsmen by Tajima Glass in Japan. Each glass is also part of Tajima's "Edo Glass" range, manually blown with a blowpipe and shaped for one by one, adding to the traditional feel.