New item: Fragrance Greeting card "Ichi-Rin-Koh"


Ichi-Rin-Koh 一輪香

Send your message with incense fragrance!

The new typed greeting card by YOU-YOU-ANG, a creative handmade incense manufacturer in Gunma, Japan.

The novel and cute set of greeting card with incense sticks seems like a lovely single flower in a glass bottle! 

SET includes of 8 short incense sticks, an incense stick stand, a message card, and an envelope.


Three Flower design: 

 1) POPPY - "Thank you" 

 2) CALLA LILY - "感謝を込めて" ("as gratitude for"/ "Mit Dankbarkeit")

 3) HYDRANGEA - "また会いましょう" ("Let's meet again!"/ "Sehen uns Wieder!")