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🔸Sôkokuryû "Hokusai Grate Wave" 300 ml- 早刻龍 ”北斎 波裏彫急須”




【 Product Type: Kyusu 急須, Tokoname ware, Masterpiece 】

Ukiyo-e motif "The grate wave" engraved Kokudei 300 ml 

by SOUKOKURYU (早 刻 龍)


     *Handcrafted by Sekiryu II (二代目 石 龍), and the engraving is by Souzan (早 山).

The collaboration of two top maestros, "Sekiryu II", a Tokoname potter, and a leading carver "Souzan" has masterfully resulted in a premium black kyusu. It is beautifully and lively carved and drawn the depiction of the "Great Wave" inspired by Hokusai's ukiyo-e woodblock print.


Its dark browned ceramics surface beautifully accentuates the white of the splashing waves, and the blue of Fuji mountain and the great ocean. The round shape of this kyusu also enhances its unique characteristics of elegance and beauty. This extraordinary design achieves the kyusu one of a kind, it is clearly a piece of art. 


This Kyusu exudes a noble and unique atmosphere, as would be expected to an artist of this class who has put in enormous effort with a stable technique. If you are searching for an exceptional first-class quality teapot, this would be perfect piece for you.

Die Zusammenarbeit von zwei Meistern, "Sekiryu", einem Tokoname-Töpfer, und einem führenden Schnitzer "Souzan" hat meisterhaft zu einem erstklassigen schwarzen Kyusu hergestellt. 


Es ist lebendig geschnitzt und gezeichnet die Darstellung der "Große Welle", inspiriert von Hokusais Ukiyo-e-Holzschnitt. Die dunkelbraune Keramikfläche bringt das Weiß der plätschernden Wellen und das Blau des Berges Fuji und des großen Ozeans wunderschön zur Geltung. Auch die runde Form unterstreicht seine einzigartigen Eigenschaften von Eleganz und Schönheit. Dieses außergewöhnliche Design macht das Kyusu einzigartig, es ist eindeutig ein Kunstwerk.   


Dieses Kyusu strahlt eine edle und einzigartige Atmosphäre aus, die man von einem Künstler dieser Klasse erwartet, der mit einer stabilen Technik und konstantes enormen Aufwand betrieben hat. Wenn Sie auf der Suche nach einem erstklassigen Kyusu sind, ist dies das perfekte Stück für Sie.


1) Artist Collaborate Name: SOUKOKURYU 早 刻 龍

     *Handcrafted by Sekiryû II (二代目 石 龍) in Tokoname, Japan

     *Engraving by Souzan (早 山 - Shunen's elder sister) in Tokoname, Japan.

    With artist stamp. 

2) "Grate wave" design on the surface, inspired Hokusai's ukiyo-e woodblock print "36 views of Mount Fuji series".

3) A special feature of the production of the Tokoname Kyûsu is precisely fitting lid.

4) The Kyûsu has a built-in ceramic mesh filter, made in the Tokoname-yaki tradition. 

5) For 300ml in volume, the perfect size for brewing a cup of tea, making it a perfect gift.

6) Using red natural clay (Japanese: Shudei 朱泥) particularly enriched with natural iron-oxide.

* It is said that any astringency and bitterness found in Japanese green teas are adjusted by the reaction of the iron contained in Tokoname ware's red mud with the tannin of the tea, resulting in a delicious and mellow taste.


☆Soukokuryu "Hokusai the Grate Wave" 300ml


【 volume / Volume (ca.) 】 

       300 ml

【 size (approx.) / Maße (ca.) 】

   (without Handle and Lid / Durchmesser ohne Griff x Höhe ohne Deckel)

       Φ 10,8 x H. 7,8 cm 

【 weight (approx.) / Gewicht (ca.) 】

        205 g
【 material / Material 】   

       Ceramic (Pottery) / Keramik (Töpferei) - Tokoname ware 

【 Artist 】

       SOUKOKURYU (Sekiryu & Souzan)
【 origin / Herkunft 】   

        Aichi, Japan

【 packaging / Verpackung 】

        original Karton 


* Please handwash to clean your kyusu.

* Do not use this teapot in the microwave or dishwasher. 


* Bitte reinigen Sie Ihren Kyusu mit der Hand.

* Verwenden Sie diesen Kyusu nicht in der Mikrowelle oder Spülmaschine. 

204,00 €

About the Artist



Kamimura Hiroyuki (上村 洋幸), the 2nd generation "sekiryû 石龍"


Master Hiroyuki Kamimura was born in Tokoname in 1967 and started at his early age to turn ceramics on the potter's wheel. He began training as a craftsman at Sekiryû kiln (石 龍 窯) from 1983. He has won many national pottery prizes and his works are admired by many people. He is well-known for creating unique tea ware while strictly adhering to traditional techniques.


"SOUZAN" (早山)


An engraver Yamamoto Sanae who goes by the name of "SOUZAN," was born into the family of the famous Shunen kiln (舜 園 窯) in Tokoname. Her younger brother is now the second generation of the Shunen family.


Under her father, Shunen the First, she was already playing around with the potter's wheel and carving at a very young age, and naturally inherited his top-notch skills to become a great carver in Tokoname. She used to engrave on Shunen's teapots, but now she is the exclusive engraver for Sekiryû.

©Photo Sekiryu-Touen

🔸常滑焼 TOKONAME-YAKI -  A tradition of quality

Tokoname (常滑) is located near Chubu International Airport in southern Nagoya, Aichi Prefcture. High quality earthenware has been produced here since the 12th century, and still now, Tokoname is a center of pottery production in Japan.


Tokoname is one of Japan's six most important ancient kiln towns - the others are Bizen (備前), Echizen (越前), Seto (瀬戸), Shigaraki (信楽) and Tanba (丹波) - had the largest output of ceramics of any kiln town in the Edo Period (1600-1868). 


In particular, Tokoname used to be the main production site for ceramic water pipes. In modern times, it is known around the world for its ornaments such as tea sets and beckoning cats.