soy sauce dish ”醤油皿”

醤油皿 "shôyu-zara" are small round ceramic plates for serving soy-sauce. Typically used in Japan to accompany sushi.


These unique and practical small dishes that cat character emerge when pouring seasoning liquids sauce as soy sauce or olive oil into the groove of them. The actual dishes are a type of Arita-yaki, or Arita ware.

Add a little flair and complete your Japanese table setting with these modern ceramic dishes!!

Cat Soy sauce dish

♦ Fun with soy sauce!

Just fill any watery sauce in the dish, for example, soy sauce, vinegar, olive oil, a lovely cat will appears with its typical postures  such as "stretching at wake up" (neoki), "looking back" (furimuku), "curling up" (marukunaru), "sitting" (suwaru), "playing" (korogasu) and "waiting" (matsu). (in Japanese )

         *wake up cat            *looking back cat               *curl up cat                    *sitting cat                     *playing cat                  *waiting cat

* When the dishes are filled with a liquid, the image of a cat is formed.

6 different cat's postures


"soy sauce dish"  SOLD OUT/AUSVERKAUFT  -restocking in progress (expected in March 2020)-


☆ Cat soy sauce dish ☆

Unique and kitsch gift for sushi eaters!

Soy sauce dipping dishes that the cat details become apparent when you pour the sauce."Cat" and Arita-yaki of traditional Japanese crafts met, it is a product born by traditional technique of unique design and craftsmanship.


microwave-safe / Dishwasher-safe

made in China


Material/material… Keramik / ceramic

Größe/size.............. Φ 90mm x H 19 mm

Gewicht/weight...... 90 g

Verpackung/packing in original box



  1 piece = EUR 6,40

  6 pieces full set = EUR 34,80

Soy sauce dish "wake up cat"

6,40 €

Cat Essstäpcenablagen
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